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Hi, I’m Sam! I have been a product manager for years. Now, I work as an industry mentor for the product, strategy, and operations track at Pathrise. I help people land their dream job through workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship. Check out my review of Break into Tech to learn about their program, including costs and student reviews.

What does Break into Tech do?

Break into Tech offers career coaching and job search courses to help people land a job in tech. Designed by a former product manager at Khan Academy, this new platform focuses on helping people land jobs in non-coding fields like product management or tech sales. In addition to career coaching and online courses, resume reviews are also available as part of the Break Into Tech offerings. In addition, the platform hosts free ebooks, blog posts, and a step-by-step guide to help job seekers launch tech careers without learning to code. So far, their clients have landed jobs at top companies like Apple and Google.

Currently, the platform hosts 3 self-paced courses. All courses are completely self-guided and consist mostly of recorded videos. Each course takes about 20 hours to complete and comes with a free resume review from the program’s creator. Students retain lifetime access to all course materials. 

Find your fit

The ‘Find Your Fit’ course consists of 68 video and text lessons. The curriculum gives students ​​a step-by-step blueprint to find a tech job. Students also learn to research jobs, optimize their LinkedIn profiles, write resumes, network, pitch themselves to employers, and more. In addition, students learn specific strategies to position themselves based on their current roles, such as ‘government to PM’ or ‘nonprofit to business development’.

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Land the perfect job with LinkedIn

The ‘Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn’ course teaches people to utilize Linkedin for the job search. Students participate in 79 lessons of recorded videos, articles, and checklists. First, students learn to optimize their Linkedin profiles for recruiters. Next, the curriculum covers Linkedin research to identify companies, jobs, and recruiters. Students then learn to connect with other Linkedin users and network with recruiters to get an interview. The final phase of the course teaches students to collect insider information via Linkedin to ace interviews and negotiation.

Land your first tech job

Students in the ‘​​Land Your First Tech Job’ course learn the fundamental job search skills they need to break into tech. The curriculum shows students specific keywords for their resume and LinkedIn profile that will help them stand out to tech recruiters. Students also learn to write effective outreach messages to help them land an interview. Finally, students study a template to answer tech interview questions, even without any tech experience.

Career coaching is also available for an additional cost. In 1-on-1 sessions, students create a job search strategy, optimize their Linkedin profiles, hone their resumes, and prepare for interviews. The program’s founder also offers resume reviews with line-by-line feedback on everything that matters to recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Who is Break into Tech for?

People with no prior experience who want to launch a new tech career could benefit from the Break into Tech program. Busy professionals who want to transition into a tech role could be a good fit for the self-paced, self-guided courses. The extensive Linkedin curriculum and career coaching could be a good fit for people seeking help with the research and networking side of the job search. However, people seeking technical roles in the tech industry like software engineering, data science, or product design would not be a good match for the program.

What does Break into Tech cost? How much work is involved?

Each individual course costs $99 and includes a resume review. Students can also buy all 3 courses together for $199. A 30-minute career coaching session costs $99. All other resources, like the step-by-step career guide or articles, are free.

Break into Tech does not require any prior experience and their courses are open to absolutely anyone. However, much of their content focuses on transitioning into tech from another professional role, so some work or at least university experience may be helpful.

Ratings and reviews

Break into Tech is a relatively new program and does not have many reviews online. However, the program’s creator holds a 4.4/5 star rating on Udemy for his resume course. One student said the founders “do a great job of telling you the WHY behind everything. They approach the resume from a recruiter’s lens and provide valuable insight.” Another user praised the “clear step-by-step approach” to resume writing. In addition to writing for the Skillcrush blog, the founder has also been featured on podcasts like LearnEducateDiscover and BacktoBusinessConference.

Alternatives to Break into Tech 

If you choose not to join Break into Tech, there are still a number of alternative career accelerators and resources that can help you start a career in tech.

  • The career accelerator Praxis teaches students the business skills needed to launch a career. The full 1-year program is designed for young people looking to land an entry level job at a startup in non-coding roles like marketing, ops, sales, or customer success. 
  • Students seeking online coaching can check out Mentmento. This platform also connects job seekers to expert mentors with experience in product management, web design, software development, and more.
  • Another coaching platform is Dorm. They pair users with coaches to help job seekers launch a career they love. 
  • The online interview resources Pramp and Gainlo both pair aspiring software engineers with peers or engineers for mock interviews.
  • Aspiring software engineers seeking mock interview opportunities can check out Interviewing.io. The platform pairs users with FAANG engineers for mock interviews and extensive feedback. Find out if Interviewing.io is right for your career goals in our review.
More alternatives
  • The tech bootcamp Tradecraft offers courses in sales, product design, growth marketing, and more. However, their program is designed to help students land a job at a startup.
  • A tech bootcamp with full-time, part-time, and 1-day courses in a variety of topics, General Assembly is a good option for people looking to learn the fundamentals and land a great entry level job. Learn more about General Assembly in our review.
  • Another low-cost online program, Udemy hosts over 100,000 self-paced courses, including a resume writing course taught by Break into Tech’s founder. Their courses consist mostly of recorded video lectures and only cost about $10 each. Students get lifetime access to each course they buy.
  • People seeking self-paced, remote learning can look into Udacity. This online educational platform offers courses on a variety of topics, including product management, career development, business, and more. Read more about Udacity in our review.

How does Break into Tech compare to Pathrise?

Break into Tech is a career accelerator that helps people land a tech job through self-paced courses and coaching. Their courses do not require any previous experience and are open to anyone. On the other hand, fellows in the Pathrise program should already have some background in their field of interest so that they can fully benefit from the technical curriculum.

The Pathrise program is completely personalized to each fellow’s specific goals and needs. Break Into Tech shows each person the same videos. All of the Pathrise sessions are live as well as recorded and we always provide ample time for specific questions. In addition, our program meets fellows where they are when they join, so we can ensure it works for each person.

Fellows in the Pathrise program have 2-4 hours of weekly group sessions to master specific technical interview skills and learn to answer common questions from top tech companies. Our curriculum includes technical training, behavioral interview training, resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, reverse recruiting lessons, and negotiation guidance. 

Break into Tech students pay upfront for courses and coaching. Pathrise offers an income share agreement, so fellows pay nothing until they land a tech job and start working. Our experienced mentors have already helped 1,000+ people land tech jobs, usually in just 3-5 months. Fellows in our program see their interview scores double and their application responses triple. In addition, our mentors help fellows increase their offered compensation by 10-20% on average through negotiation alone, resulting in salaries that are $50-60k higher than what they were making before.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 to help them land their dream job. If you are interested in working with any of our mentors to optimize your job search, join Pathrise. 

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