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Learn about Pathrise in this article!

Pathrise is an online mentorship program that helps people speed up their job search and find great roles that pay more than industry standards. We have helped nearly 1,000 people through our data-backed training and 1-on-1 mentorship with experts. Check out our Pathrise Series A funding announcement in Forbes as well!

And Pathrise gets results. Fellows in our program regularly:
  • 3x their application response rate with help from our optimized resumes and advanced cold emailing and reverse recruiting strategies.
  • 2x their interview scores thanks to mock interviews, pair programming, case studies, and tons of 1-on-1 technical and behavioral interview prep.
  • Negotiate 10-20% higher salaries with guidance from our expert mentors and use of our proven-to-work templates.
  • Find great jobs in 2-5 months at companies that support them professionally and personally.
Read some Pathrise reviews from fellows to learn more:
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We also have a lot of resources that can help you navigate your job search. Here are some places you can look for guidance.

You can learn more about the culture and see our open positions on the Pathrise Glassdoor page. And if you have any questions about our program, you can review the Pathrise FAQ on our website.

If you are looking for support with your job search, check out some of our most popular articles and products to get you on the right track. 

Then, apply to Pathrise so you can work with our team of mentors to help you find a great job faster than you would on your own.

Become a Pathrise fellow today.

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