Photo of a review of Promotable as a data science bootcamp

A review of Promotable as a data science bootcamp

Hi, I’m Olga! I have years of experience in data science, most recently at eBay and now I work as an industry mentor at Pathrise, helping data scientists land a great role through technical workshops and 1-on-1s. Check out my review of Promotable.

What does Promotable do?

Promotable is a bootcamp for people who are looking to develop the necessary skills to land a job as a data scientist from scratch. They offer in-person classes at their Chicago campus, as well as live online options. Students can choose between 3 part-time courses: Python fundamentals, Python for data science and machine learning, and data analytics. 

The Python fundamentals course covers the basics of data visualization, object-oriented programming, scripting, APIs, and more. The Python for data science and machine learning course teaches students how to solve real-world problems by working with actual data sets. Those in the data analytics track focus on using SQL, Tableau, and Python to collect, organize, and analyze large data sets. In addition, data analytics students work towards building a portfolio and adding new projects to their GitHub accounts. Besides their part-time bootcamps, Promotable offers a 1-day, 2.5 hour course on using Excel for data analytics. 

Students participate in lectures, readings, assignments, and hands-on projects. Classes follow either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule and meet for 5-8 weeks from 6:30PM-9:30pm CST. While attendance is required, lectures are also recorded, so students can review previous material and keep learning.

Who is Promotable for?

People with no experience in data science who are looking to develop the necessary skills to land an entry level job as a data scientist could benefit from Promotable. 

What does Promotable cost? How much work is involved?

All part-time bootcamp students pay a $240 non-refundable administrative fee. For those enrolled in Python fundamentals and Python for data science and machine learning, tuition is $1,150 for the live online option and $1,995 for in-person instruction. The live online option for the data analytics course costs $1,495. At the moment, they do not have an in-person course for data analytics. The administrative fee is waived for those who only take the 1-day Excel for data science course, which costs $25.

Besides paying the tuition upfront, students have the option of creating a personalized payment plan. Promotable also has a partnership with PayPal Credit, so students who pay for the course with a PayPal credit card have 0% financing for 6 months. Students must use a credit card to pay tuition. 

To apply, students fill out a brief application, which requires submitting their LinkedIn profile. Next, they speak with an admissions representative to determine which course is the best fit. Promotable recommends that students with no prior experience in Python take their fundamentals course or the free online intro to Python course through Codecademy before enrolling in Python for data science and machine learning or data analytics. 

Ratings and reviews

Photo of Promotable review

As a relatively new bootcamp, there are not too many reviews of Promotable online. However, reviewers on SwitchUp and CourseReport praised the program for its small class size, hands-on projects, up-to-date curriculum, and affordability.

According to one reviewer, “I definitely got my money’s worth as instruction material was relevant and exercises/assignments really pushed me to discover more about how I can harness data.” Similarly, a reviewer on CourseReport said that “the content itself is very practical” and that “it was very appropriately paced” for those with no prior programming experience. 

Alternatives to Promotable

If you decide not to enroll in Promotable, consider an alternative, like some of the programs listed here. 

  • Metis has part-time introduction courses as well as onsite & online bootcamp options. Learn more about Metis in our review.
  • If you prefer courses rather than a full bootcamp, you can check out Udacity and Springboard, which are online educational platforms that students can use to brush up on the basics or advance their current tech skills. Read more about Udacity and Springboard in our reviews.
  • edX is one of the largest online learning platforms. They have courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT as well as big tech companies like Microsoft. Learn more about edX in our review.
  • Similarly, Coursera and Udemy are learning tools with a variety of courses in data science.
  • Codecademy is one of the most popular coding programs online. They provide free courses on many different programming languages. Learn more about Codecademy in our review.
  • Free online resources, SoloLearn and the Mode tutorials have tracks in SQL, as well as other programming languages. Similarly, QuickStart has courses in web dev and data.
More alternatives

How does Promotable compare to Pathrise?

Promotable is a bootcamp for people who are interested in learning the necessary skills to land a job as a data scientist from scratch. While their data analytics course teaches students how to build their portfolios, they do not offer any other job search guidance. 

Pathrise is a full service organization that helps people land the best job possible. Our mentors have years of experience on both sides of the hiring table and work 1-on-1 with fellows on every component of the job search, including resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, technical and behavioral interview prep, and more. On average, fellows in our program find a job within 3-5 months of joining the program. 

Our program is flexible. There are only 4 hours of group sessions per week and fellows can schedule 1-on-1 sessions when they need help. We tailor our curriculum to meet the individual needs of each fellow. The Pathrise income share agreement means that fellows don’t pay until they land a great job that they love and we never require upfront payments or deposits. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that helps students and professionals land their dream job in tech. If you are interested in working with our mentors to optimize your job search, join Pathrise. 

Apply today.

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