Photo of a review of Placement as a recruiting agency

A review of Placement as a recruiting agency

What does Placement do?

Placement is a recruiting agency that works with candidates on their job search. The company utilizes an income share agreement (ISA) so it is free until the candidate is hired and begins working. They mainly focus on helping people find jobs in new cities.

Once accepted into the program, candidates are evaluated for their earning potential, city interest, and skill strengths. Then, they spend 2-3 weeks working on their applications and interview strategies. Once they are ready, Placement provides opportunities and openings that match their background. Candidates spend about 4-8 weeks interviewing until they receive an offer. The talent agents also help with negotiation and relocation assistance. Once they have moved and start working, they pay Placement back 10% of their monthly income for 18 months or 36 months, depending on if they took relocation financing.

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Who is Placement for?

According to their website, anyone who is looking for any type of job can use Placement. They will help with research and skills assessments for each candidate. They also work with candidates on telling their story in the job search.

What does Placement cost? How much work is involved?

Payment for Placement is done through an income share agreement (ISA). This means that candidates don’t pay until they begin working. There are 2 options: candidates who only need help with job placement pay 10% of your monthly income for 18 months while candidates who also accept help with relocation expenses pay 10% for 36 months. 

To apply, candidates fill out a form with information about themselves and their most recent job title, employer, and city of residence. Then, they are asked “where could you move?” They are given options: they will consider anywhere, they already have a place in mind, or they can’t move. From there, they are asked about the types of role they have been applying to. Once they have answered these questions, Placement creates their “Earning Power Report”. This is an analysis of the job market based on the experience the candidate has and the types of roles they are interested in. This takes about 3 weeks and then the candidate will receive an offer from Placement.

Ratings and reviews

Placement is a very new service and so there are not a lot of reviews online. At the moment, the main source of information comes from their website and PR pieces that have been written about their launch. 

Alternatives to Placement

If candidates are looking for help expediting their job search, there are a few alternatives to Placement.

  • Hired is a job marketplace for people looking to work in tech. Hired matches candidates with agents to help them with their search
  • STELLARES uses AI to find opportunities that are good fits for the candidate.
  • For software engineers, Triplebyte is a very well known alternative. Companies work directly with Triplebyte and “apply” to the candidate, rather than the other way around. There is a lengthy technical interviews before candidates are accepted into the program.
  • Additionally, candidates can check out Seen by Indeed, a free candidate-company matching system, which is part of Indeed. It is available to people looking for more technical roles in tech, like software engineer and UX designer, not fringe tech roles like marketing, sales, ops, or content.
  • Those in New York and San Francisco can also look into This is a similar job marketplace that batches candidates based on company need.

How does Placement compare to Pathrise?

Placement is recruiting firm with a focus on getting people jobs in different cities. While they do provide some help with applications and interviewing, their main focus is finding roles for the candidate. 

Pathrise is a bigger commitment because we are a full service organization, working with candidates through all stages of the job search to enhance their soft skills and develop strategies that can help them in the future. Rather than just find positions for fellows in our program, we teach them strategies and tools that can help them for the rest of their lives. We work with our fellows on exactly what they need help with and we never focus on specific marketplaces or cities if the fellow doesn’t want to do that. In addition, while both Pathrise and Placement make use of income share agreements, the Pathrise ISA is only 9% of the fellow’s first year’s salary versus 10% for 18 or 36 months.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. If you want to work with any of our mentors to get help with any other aspect of the job search, become a Pathrise fellow. 

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