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A review of Hired as a tech job search tool

What does Hired do?

The goal of Hired is to streamline the job application process. Candidates start by creating a profile and adding all of their information, including skills, past projects, experience, passions, and career aspirations. Once you have created your profile and if you are accepted into the program, someone from the Hired team helps strengthen it as well as define the roles you are interested in and your location preferences.

They use machine learning algorithms to match your skills and interests to companies that are currently hiring. Candidates receive interview requests from companies and decide whether or not they’d like to go through the process. During this process, candidates are matched up with a talent advocate on the Hired team who can help them prepare for interviews.

Once candidates begin interviewing with companies, their talent advocate acts as the recruiter, managing their relationships. Candidates are still required to go through all of the steps of the company’s funnel.

Who is Hired for?

Hired is for people looking for positions in any of the following roles: software engineering, design, data, DevOps, QA, project management, and product management. Within these roles, they have more specific categories. Candidates who are not already strong in their field with a fair amount of experience will find it difficult to get accepted into the program.

What does Hired cost? How much work is involved?

For candidates, Hired is free. Companies pay Hired for access to their already vetted candidates. In addition, if you accept a job from Hired, you get a bonus from them. People have reported spending a lot of time on their profile and work for Hired, only to hear that they have not been accepted because of a lack of experience or not enough jobs that will fit their interests. If you are accepted to Hired, you are still required to go through all of the steps of each company’s job application process.

Ratings and reviews

There is a fair amount of mixed reviews for Hired. On their website, they boast many success stories. Mainly people have enjoyed the process of working with their talent advocate much more than any other recruiter. This makes sense, since working with recruiters is often a difficult process. The Hired team and the candidate have the same goal – getting the candidate a job – so they are aligned.

Those who were not accepted into Hired’s marketplace complained that they did not receive any feedback as to why they were not a fit. It’s less helpful if you don’t know how you can enhance your profile. People who have been accepted also complained that they were receiving too many interviews at once and couldn’t keep up. They felt overwhelmed and like they were actually looking less professional to these companies since they were keeping them waiting for responses or needing to book interviews really far out. Another complaint was that the salaries that accompanied the job postings on Hired were higher than the actual offered salary from the company.

Alternatives to Hired

For software engineers who are not accepted into Hired or choose not to do the program, there are a few alternatives. Triplebyte is probably the most well known. Similarly, companies work directly with Triplebyte and “apply to you.” Triplebyte has lengthy technical interviews before candidates are accepted into the program, which is a main difference. They also only work with software engineers. For more information on Triplebyte, see our review.

Additionally, candidates can check out Indeed Prime, a free candidate-company matching system, which is part of Indeed. If you have an account on Indeed already, you can just beef it up and apply for the matching program. After you are accepted, recruiters reach out to you to get the process started.

How does Hired compare to Pathrise?

Hired is a marketplace for experienced candidates. Those who are accepted receive some limited help from the Hired team on ways to optimize their Hired profile. Their main value prop is that they match you with companies who subscribe to their service. This means that the service is free for candidates, but the pool of companies those candidates can work for is limited to those who pay Hired.

Pathrise is a bigger commitment because we are a full service organization, working with candidates through all stages of the job search to enhance their soft skills and develop strategies that can help them in the future. We represent the candidates, which means that we can help connect them with any and all companies, not just those in a specific marketplace. Pathrise specifically focuses on current and recent grads.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and young professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. With our tips and guidance, we’ve seen our fellows interview performance scores double.

If you want to work with any of our advisors 1-on-1 to get help with your software engineer interviews or with any other aspect of the job search, become a Pathrise fellow.

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