A review of Seen by Indeed as a tech job search tool

Updated in 2023

What does Seen by Indeed do?

Formerly known as Indeed Prime, Seen by Indeed is a talent-matching platform. It is part of the larger Indeed network, but only focused on tech roles. Because of this, users must input their resume and additional experience information before being accepted onto the platform.

As of right now, the platform only helps people who are looking for technical roles in tech. Usually, these are under the umbrellas of software engineering, data science, product management, UX/UI, IT, network, and project management. They do not have openings in marketing, content, or more fringe tech roles.

First users make a profile on the platform. To do so, they fill in their area of expertise, types of role they are qualified for, years of experience, and skills and proficiency of each one (at least 10). Then, users check their experience information from their resume and continue onto give preferences for types of work (full-time, contract, part-time, etc) as well as locations. They also ask for your minimum salary requirements in order to screen companies who will not be willing to pay enough.

Once users have uploaded all of their information, they can set their availability to minimize the back-and-forth on interview scheduling. They can either sync their calendar or they can choose the times manually. Users can also answer questions about company culture. This helps Seen by Indeed match them with companies that fit their needs.

Who is Seen by Indeed for?

Seen by Indeed is for people looking for positions in any of the following roles in tech: software engineering, UX/UI design, BI/data, DevOps, QA, support/IT, project/product management, security, networking, QA, and hardware. Within these roles, they have more specific categories. Candidates who are not already strong in their field with a fair amount of experience will find it difficult to get accepted into the program.

What does Seen by Indeed cost? How much work is involved?

For candidates, Seen by Indeed is free. Companies pay Indeed for access to their candidates. Beyond the platform, users also get access to career coaches who can help them optimize their profile, network, and negotiate while in the process with Seen by Indeed companies.

Ratings and reviews

The reviews online refer to Indeed Prime, since they are currently in the process of rebranding. Most of them are fairly old. For the most part, users are discussing the merits of this service versus the competitors, like Hired and Triplebyte. Other reviews are a few years old. In these, they focus on the lack of companies in their location. During the rebrand Seen by Indeed has been expanding to focus on tech. They have 2700+ jobs on the platform now.

Users who have found success on the platform enjoy the fact that the calls with companies are more straightforward. They also like that interviewers are more likely to give information about salary, benefits, and culture early on because they are already aware of the candidate’s preferences.

Alternatives to Seen by Indeed

For software engineers, specifically, who choose not to do Seen by Indeed, there are a few alternatives.

  • Triplebyte is probably the most well known. Similarly, companies work directly with Triplebyte and “apply to you”. Triplebyte has lengthy technical interviews before candidates are accepted into the program, which is a main difference. They also only work with software engineers.
  • Candidates can check out Hired, which is also a talent-matching platform. It is open to more tech roles than just software engineers and it does not have technical interviews.
  • Placement is also a new alternative. They are a recruiting agency that focuses on helping people find jobs in different cities. Placement utilizes an income share agreement in which candidates pay 10% of their monthly income for 18 or 36 months after finding a job.
  • Those in New York and San Francisco can also look into Underdog.io. Similarly, it is a job marketplace that batches candidates based on company need.

How does Seen by Indeed compare to Pathrise?

Seen by Indeed is a marketplace for experienced candidates in tech. Those who are accepted can make use of the career coaches and resources. But, their main value prop is that they match you with companies who subscribe to their service. This means that the service is free for candidates, but the pool of companies those candidates can work for is limited to those who pay Seen by Indeed.

Pathrise is a full service organization, working with candidates through all stages of the job search to enhance their soft skills and develop strategies that can help them in the future. We represent the candidates, which means that we can help connect them with any and all companies, not just those in a specific marketplace.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. With our tips and guidance, we’ve seen our fellows interview performance scores double.

If you want to work with any of our mentors 1-on-1 to get help with your interviews or with any other aspect of the job search, become a Pathrise fellow. 

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