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A review of LinkedIn Learning as a tech educational tool

Hi, I’m Olga! I have years of experience in data science, most recently at eBay and now I work as an industry mentor at Pathrise, helping data scientists land a great role through technical workshops and 1-on-1s. Check out my review of LinkedIn Learning.

What does LinkedIn Learning do?

A tech education tool, LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. They offer 15,000+ free & paid courses and video tutorials in 4 broad categories: software development, leadership & management, business software & tools, and data science. 

Self-guided, the courses are categorized according to field, the latest trends, and the most popular. Users can select from shorter courses that teach specific topics, such as Python for data science or object-oriented programming with C#, as well as in-depth learning paths that  cover subjects like digital marketing and Agile product management. 

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Who is LinkedIn Learning for?

LinkedIn Learning can benefit people working in software development, product management, operations, data science, digital marketing, and other fields. With courses in a variety of fields and experience levels, many people across tech can use LinkedIn Learning to brush up on the basics or advance their current skills.

What does LinkedIn Learning cost? How much work is involved?

LinkedIn Learning uses a subscription-based model and offers 2 payments options: monthly and annual. The monthly plan costs $29.99 per month, while the annual subscription is $299.88 for the year. LinkedIn users that have a Premium account gain access to LinkedIn Learning with their membership.  Many of their introduction courses, however, are available for free. All users receive a free 1-month trial.

Users can create an account by logging into their LinkedIn profile. Any user without a LinkedIn profile will need to create one before enrolling. They can pay for their subscription via credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. 

Ratings and reviews

Online reviews of LinkedIn Learning are mixed, but skewed towards positive.

Reviewers on a Reddit thread had lukewarm responses to LinkedIn Learning. One user reported using it “during the job search when I was paying for LinkedIn [Premium]. It wasn’t too shabby but I probably wouldn’t pay for it separately just for the content.” For those interested in LinkedIn Learning for their course certifications, one Reddit user recommended “a third party site like Udemy, Pluralsight, or Coursera for certifications instead.” 

Reviewers on G2 benefited from the wide array of course offerings, but some users felt that finding the right course could be overwhelming. According to one reviewer, “LinkedIn Learning has more than one recommended course on a single topic, which is confusing to users and users can’t decide which one to learn.” 

In their review of LinkedIn Learning, Skillcrush (a tech bootcamp) praised the platform for its affordability and its wide range of course offerings as well, but was disappointed with the lack of individual guidance and class support, noting that “with LinkedIn Learning, you may end up feeling isolated or stuck because the platform doesn’t provide reliable instructor support for their courses.”

Alternatives to LinkedIn Learning

There are a number of alternative online tech educational tools and bootcamps if you decide not to use LinkedIn Learning. 

  • Those interested in online learning platforms can also check out Udemy, Coursera, and Springboard. People can use these popular education tools to develop or advance their current tech skills.
  • Similarly, Udacity, edX, Skillshare, and Simplilearn are tech education tools with courses on similar topics. 
  • Online resources, SoloLearn and Codecademy offer tutorials in a number of programming languages.
  • Well known tech bootcamps, Flatiron School, Lamba School, and General Assembly have tracks in software engineering and data science, as well as other subjects.
  • Actualize and App Academy are software engineering bootcamps with in-person and online options.
  • People with an interest in data science can take individual courses, as well as in-depth tracks, through DataCamp and Dataquest.
  • Software engineers who want to practice questions to prepare for technical interviews can check out LeetCode, HackerRank, and AlgoExpert

How does LinkedIn Learning compare to Pathrise?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with courses in a variety of fields, including software engineering, data science, and digital marketing. With offerings ranging from beginner to advanced, LinkedIn Learning can benefit people at all levels. While they offer access to a discussion board and some job-seeking resources, they do not provide 1-on-1 mentorship of any kind. 

Pathrise is a full service organization that helps fellows with every component of the job search. Our mentors have years of experience on both sides of the hiring table. Fellows receive 1-on-1 guidance every step of the way and participate in workshops and personalized sessions that focus on technical and behavioral interviewing, as well as resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, negotiation, and more. The Pathrise income share agreement is 9% of their first year’s salary and we never require upfront payments or deposits. 

Advancing technical skills is a crucial component of landing a job in tech, so fellows in our program can use LinkedIn Learning, in conjunction with our technical workshops, to deepen their current knowledge. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that helps people land their dream job in tech through 1-on-1 mentorship. If you want to optimize your job search, join Pathrise.

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