Best AI job search tools in 2024

8 Best AI Job Search Tools in 2024

8 AI Tools to get Hired in 2024

AI is transforming the job search. While AI has been used by recruiters and hiring managers for years, new AI tools have emerged for the job seekers. These AI job search tools can help you craft the perfect resume, automate your networking to 3x your interview rate, practice for interviews, generate professional headshots, and much more. Job seekers are even using AI tools to bypass companies’ AI tools like the ATS! 

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With so many new AI products for job seekers, deciding which AI job search tools to use, or even understanding what these AI job search tools do, can be overwhelming. To help you start optimizing your job search with AI, we’ve tried the top AI tools on the market to help decide which tool is best for you. Here’s our list of the best AI job search tools of 2024.

  1. Career Connect
  2. Jobscan
  3. ChatGPT
  4. KickResume
  5. Payscale
  7. Yoodli
  8. Aragon AI
  • Career Connect – Writes personalized networking emails and sends them to recruiters

The Pathrise Career Connect app uses AI to find hiring decision makers’ emails, then sends them the perfect networking email. It automates the entire networking process, saving time and getting users 3x more interviews.

Interview rates with Career Connect

Including a personalized networking message to hiring managers with your application triples your odds of getting an interview–but only if sent to a relevant hiring decision maker. Career Connect finds the emails of decision makers connected to a job post you’re applying to.

The tool then generates networking emails tailored to your resume and the job description to give you the best chance of landing an interview. The AI message to hiring manager is based on our proven job seeker data, so every sentence is optimized to get you an interview.

You can also use the app to automatically keep count of every job you apply for. Using the tool to track your applications holds you accountable and motivates you to send enough personalized applications every week.

  • Jobscan – Optimizes your resume with AI

Jobscan uses AI to scan your resume for keywords that match a job listing. This empowers you to quickly identify keywords from a job listing and add them into your resume.

Why is adding keywords to resumes such a game changer? Today’s employers use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to sort candidates based on keywords in the job description. Resumes that match the keywords in the job description get passed on to hiring decision makers. Recruiters are often searching for highly specific keywords that match the requirements of the job listing that they may not fully understand, especially if technical. Jobscan makes it easy to optimize your resume to bypass the ATS and actually get read by recruiters. So you get more interviews and more job offers.

The only reason Jobscan is not at the first spot on our list is because other AI tools like Career Connect also help job seekers match messages to job descriptions. However, Jobscan offers the most extensive AI job description keyword scan for resumes in particular.

  • ChatGPT – Writes cover letters for you

You can use ChatGPT to write a cover letter for you. The amount of time saved cannot be understated. Until now, writing a winning cover letter has been extremely time consuming and controversial. Recruiters often just scan a cover letter, and many cover letters never get read at all. Crafting a new letter for every job you apply to can take more time than its worth. Before the AI revolution, Pathrise and career accelerators like us often recommended that people don’t even bother writing cover letters. If a job application required a cover letter, we’d say skip it. That time spent writing could be better spent applying to jobs that don’t require cover letters. 

ChatGPT makes cover letter writing easy. This AI job search tool can write your cover letter for you in minutes. ChatGPT’s AI even tailors the cover letter to your experiences and the job description. Their cover letters are not exactly Shakespeare, but they read natural enough to meet the basic application requirements. Since most recruiters only scan cover letters anyway, the difference between using an AI job search tool and writing the cover letter yourself usually isn’t meaningful.

This AI Job search tool will write your resume for you. Just plug in your job title and experience. Their AI will then generate dozens of relevant bullet points for your resume. The tool also writes your resume summary, education, skills, and any other necessary section.

Once you’ve selected the bullet points for your resume, you can customize your resume with a design template. Choose between a wide variety of fonts, colors, and styles to match your targeted industry and role. However, we suggest you keep your resume format simple. Complicated resumes can often confuse ATS recruiting software and never get read by a human. 

  • Payscale – Optimizes your pay with AI

Payscale allows you to check average salaries for job titles similar to your own. Their AI job search tool automatically compares your current position to similar positions, then determines an expected salary based on location, experience, industry, and more.

AI job search tools like Payscale could save people millions over the course of their entire career. Being underpaid is more common than you think. According to a 2021 survey, 56% of working Americans hadn’t gotten a raise or a higher-paying job in the past year. Millions of Americans go years without a pay increase simply because they don’t know how to ask for a raise at work. Or they just don’t know what their salary should be. Payscale lets professionals discover if their salaries are below the average for their role and location, which is quite common. For user reviews, check out our full review of Payscale. is an AI job search tool that offers mock technical interviews. Using machine learning, the platform provides feedback on the job seeker’s coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication during the technical interviews. Check out our full review of for user reviews and cost.

  • Yoodli – An AI speech coach to improve your communication skills

This AI job search tool is “the Grammarly of speech”. Similar to Interview Prep AI, Yoodli’s AI helps people prepare for interviews and offers feedback, but with an emphasis on communication skills that are especially critical for behavioral interviews. 

Instead of practicing interview answers in front of a mirror, job seekers can practice with an AI speech coach who will critique their speech as they note filler words, pacing, eye contact, and other critical components of job interview etiquette. Their AI coaching empowers job seekers to practice public speaking and interview communication skills without the fear of judgment. 

  • – Generate headshots in minutes with AI

Don’t have professional headshots? Aragon AI generates an optimized professional headshot from your existing photos. All you need is 6 photos and the AI job search tool will generate a variety of headshots with different backgrounds, poses, and styles. While we recommend taking headshots yourself, Aragon AI and similar AI job search tools can polish your existing headshots or existing headshots. You can transform a business-casual selfie into a professional headshot.

AI tools for the job search can help you to find a better job faster. These 8 AI tools are just a few of many tools that we recommend fellows in our program use to optimize the job search. At Pathrise, fellows work one-on-one with expert mentors at each phase of the job search, from writing the perfect resume to negotiating a higher salary. Fellows in our program can see their technical interview scores double and their interview rates triple. It’s free until you land a job.

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