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A review of Code Avengers as a tech online resource

Hi, I’m Brian, a former senior software engineer and now industry mentor at Pathrise. I have worked with hundreds of web developers and software engineers to help them land their dream jobs in tech. Check out my review of Code Avengers.

What does Code Avengers do?

Code Avengers is an online resource with beginning and intermediate tracks in software engineering, web development, and web design. 

For beginners, they offer language tracks in Python, HTML & CSS, and JavaScript, which can be completed in 1-3 months. After students finish these introduction courses, or if they are already intermediate developers, they can participate in career tracks for web development, software engineering, and web design. These career tracks take 6+ months to complete.

In addition to the tracks, students can take shorter modules that cover topics such as building apps, websites, and games. Each step of the way, students learn through a mix of code walkthroughs, video lessons, references guides, and interactive exercises. 

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The online learning platform provides access to the entire course library and allows users to keep track of their progress. The platform also comes with an interactive development environment, which enables users to build a portfolio and share their work online. While the courses help users learn the necessary technical skills for starting a career in tech, Code Avengers does not offer access to instructors or job-seeking guidance. 

Who is Code Avengers for?

Beginner software engineers, web developers, and web designers who are looking to advance their skills could benefit from Code Avengers. The courses are especially helpful for those who are looking to learn JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS from scratch. Code Avengers is a good option for people who are self-motivated, since they don’t offer live instruction, mentoring, or a community. 

What does Code Avengers cost? How much work is involved?

Code Avengers uses a subscription model and offers three options: monthly plan, 6-month plan, and 1-year plan. The monthly plan costs $29 per month. Those in the 6-month plan pay $150 every 6 months, while those in the 1-year plan pay $240 annually.

To register, users sign up with an email address. Then, they select their subscription option and make their initial payment via credit card. 

Ratings and reviews

Online reviews of Code Avengers are generally positive and praise the online platform as a tool for learning programming languages. 

Slant reviewers enjoyed the interactive learning platform, with one user noting that “Code Avengers makes their material engaging and interactive, which aids with understanding and retention of the material.” Another reviewer liked that the online learning platform “explains what everything is before you must use it, unlike Codecademy, which just kind of tells you to do stuff.” In addition, one reviewer enjoyed that the courses teach users how to use the programming languages in real-world scenarios. The reviewer found that “not only do they offer Python, CSS and HTML… they offer them in context packages, where you can work on a project that utilizes one or the other.” 

A G2 reviewer benefited from the easily digestible lessons, but felt that the content and learning platform could use some improvements. “It’s quick and easy to learn the basics,” explains the reviewer, “the interface allows you to track your progress, motivating you to push through the course even if you only have smaller chunks of time available.” However, they wished that Code Avengers went “more in-depth with the content” and noted that “there were a few bugs within the lessons themselves, in that some of the lessons did not compile properly.”

Stackify and Java67 listed Code Avengers as a top resource to learn JavaScript.  

Alternatives to Code Avengers

If you decide not to use Code Avengers, there are a number of alternatives to help you learn programming languages.

  • Those who are interested in using online learning platforms to learn tech skills can check out Coursera, Udacity, and Udemy
  • Similarly, Springboard and edX are popular online education tools for people who are looking to brush up on the basics or advance their current knowledge. 
  • With free and paid courses, Codecademy is an online tool that teaches software engineering and other topics.
  • People looking for online bootcamps in software engineering can consider Lambda, School and Covalence.
  • Those who are interested in software engineering bootcamps with online and in-person options can check out Actualize, Flatiron School, and App Academy.
  • Software engineers who want practice questions to prepare for technical interviews can consider LeetCode, HackerRank, and AlgoExpert.
  • For people interested in web development, Skillcrush, Designlab, Bloc, and InternStreet are online bootcamps with a variety of courses and tracks in the subject. 

How does Code Avengers compare to Pathrise?

Code Avengers is a useful tool for aspiring software engineers, web developers, and web designers who are looking to brush up on the basics or learn HTML & CSS, Python, or JavaScript from scratch. However, they do not provide 1-on-1 mentorship or job-seeking guidance of any kind.

Pathrise is a full service organization that helps people land the best job possible. Fellows in our program work 1-on-1 with a mentor on every step of the job search, including resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, behavioral interview preparation, salary negotiation, and more. We also place a big focus on preparing for technical interviews by providing workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring, and pair programming sessions.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. With our tips and guidance, we’ve seen our fellows interview performance scores double.

If you are interested in optimizing your job search by working 1-on-1 with a mentor, become a Pathrise fellow.

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