Photo of companies hiring for marketing roles during Coronavirus

10 companies hiring for marketing roles during Coronavirus

Updated in 2023

Check out our list of companies hiring for marketing during Coronavirus!

As you navigate your job search while reading the news about the uncertainty in the world caused by COVID-19, you are probably feeling stressed and nervous. We get it because we are working with people like you every day as they look for their dream job.

So, through research and inside information, we created this list of 10 companies still hiring for marketing during the Coronavirus as of April 15th, 2020. We also included tips that will help you move forward in the applications and interviews. Make sure you have an optimized resume and strong marketing portfolio before applying.

You should be aware that the processes are likely slower than usual. Companies are navigating the switch to fully remote work. Be patient, polite, and friendly throughout your interactions with the recruiter and teams, especially if you are following up to ask for more information.

Companies hiring for marketing during Coronavirus

1. Aha!

Already a fully remote team, Aha! is continuing to operate as they always do despite the changes to the world. The company has built a roadmap software for organizations to use when they plan company goals, projects, and tasks. They are hiring for a variety of marketing roles, including in content editing, writing, and product marketing. Make sure you have a strong marketing portfolio and then check out all of their openings.

2. Clever

Even before the Coronavirus hit, Clever was working with 60% of the schools in the US to bring additional learning online. Now that all schools have moved to distanced education through the end of the school year at least, Clever is looking to expand their reach even more. They are hiring for growth & product marketing positions on their team. See the open positions on their careers page.

3. Bumble

Social distancing means that parties are not happening and bars are closed. So, more people are turning to apps to make connections. Bumble, specifically, is growing during the COVID-19 crisis because they have options for dating, friends, and business relationships. To continue increasing demand, Bumble is hiring aggressively for marketing roles across all experience levels. Ensure you have an optimized marketing resume and see their latest open positions on their website. 

4. Arm

Arm delivers a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution for their partners and customers. That can mean providing the IP for the chip or delivering the cloud services that allow organizations to securely manage the deployment of products throughout their lifecycle. They are continuing to grow their teams, hiring for a few different types of marketing roles. Check out their open positions on their jobs page

5. CrowdStrike

With the world in crisis, security against online breaches is even more important. CrowdStrike uses big data and AI to provide visibility and protection for companies under threat. They are currently hiring for a number of marketing manager roles as they continue to expand their teams. Learn more about how to get a job at CrowdStrike, including information about their mission and processes. Then, check out their open positions.

6. Grammarly

As we transition away from in-person interactions in the workplace, email and other messaging systems are becoming the main forms of communication. Grammarly uses AI to correct spelling and grammatical errors as well as review the tone and style of the content. They are continuing to hire aggressively despite Coronavirus. They have a variety of marketing roles open, which you can find on their careers page.

7. Confluent

Confluent is a platform that provides real-time, scalable event streaming for organizations that need to analyze large amounts of data very quickly, like Lyft or Capital One. They are continuing to hire for their marketing team, and other teams, to acquire new customers and continue to adapt their product. Learn about their mission so you can get a job at Confluent. Then, see the new positions on their jobs page.

8. IXL

IXL provides additional support for students outside of the classroom. They have extra curriculum, real-time diagnostics, personalized guidance, and analytics that can help students, teachers, and parents keep track of learning goals and progress. With transitions being made to traditional learning due to COVID-19, programs like IXL are even more important. That is why they are hiring for several marketing roles. Review all of their open positions on their website.

9. Medtronic

With almost 400 open marketing positions, Medtronic is continuing to hire full steam ahead so that they can work to support professionals, employees, and patients who are fighting against Coronavirus. Make sure you prepare by writing down questions to ask in your marketing interviews. Then, check out their openings here.

10. EA

Most well known for their sports games like FIFA and Madden, Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the most popular game studios in the world. With more people staying home, video game purchasing is on the rise. So, EA is hiring actively for marketing roles of all experience levels. Prepare for your interviews by reviewing their mission and values in our how to get a job at EA guide and then look at their openings here.

We hope this list of companies hiring for marketing during Coronavirus will help you narrow down your search and find a great job.

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