Photo of 10 companies hiring data scientists during COVID-19

10 companies hiring data scientists during Coronavirus

Updated in 2023

Check out this list of companies hiring data scientists during Coronavirus!

If you are in the middle or just starting your job search, you are probably worried about how COVID-19 will impact your career. We understand because every day we work with job-seekers to successfully navigate the search.

That’s why we created this list of 10 companies hiring data scientists during the Coronavirus as of April 12th, 2020. We also included tips that will help you move forward in the hiring processes at these companies, including their missions, values, interview questions, and more.

While these companies have not currently frozen hiring, most processes will be slower than expected. Just be patient and continue to be polite and friendly throughout your interactions with the recruiters and teams.

1. Roblox

With more people staying home due to shelter-in-place ordinances and social distancing, online gaming is growing in popularity. Roblox is a platform and community of over 200 million developers that allows people to make their own games and play others. They were named one of 2019’s best places to work by Fortune. And, luckily, they are hiring for data science positions of all levels. Read our guide to getting a job at Roblox to prepare for your interviews and then review their open positions.

2. TikTok

Launched in 2017, TikTok is a platform for short videos. It started as popular with younger generations, but has become mainstream since more people are spending time at home. As the user base grows, the company is hiring to meet the demand, including several data science roles. Prepare for your interviews by practicing some of these 113 data science interview questions from real tech companies. See the open positions at TikTok on their careers page.

3. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a platform that creates digital workflows for more productive companies. As more organizations move to remote work, the need for systems that are already proven to work for remote teams is growing. So, ServiceNow is continuing to hire aggressively for all roles, including data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and more. Learn more about their processes and culture on our guide to getting a job at ServiceNow and see their open positions on their careers page.

Photo of companies hiring data scientists - ServiceNow

4. Zoom

Business is booming for Zoom, a well known video conferencing platform. More and more companies are adopting as they transition to remote work. They are hiring aggressively to manage their new customers and continue to implement updates to their product. Check out our guide to a strong data science resume, including a template you can adapt. Then, see the latest open positions on the Zoom website. 

5. Atlassian

Remote work means more companies are adopting online project management platforms to help them continue to be efficient despite no longer working in the same office as one another. Atlassian makes 2 of the most well known task management platforms, Jira and Trello, which are being used more and more by cross-functional teams. They have 20+ roles open on their data & analytics team as they grow to meet the new demand. Check out the open positions on their jobs page.

6. Slack

Tech companies have been using Slack for the past few years. But, as more traditional enterprise companies move to fully remote work, they are also adopting the workplace messaging system. With more customers, Slack is continuing to grow their teams and improve their product. Read about their mission and values in our guide to getting a job at Slack. Then, check out all of their openings on their website.

7. Zynga

The company behind Words with Friends and similar community-based mobile games, Zynga is continuing to expand their ranks as people spend more time online with family and friends, rather than in person. They have openings for data scientists and analysts in San Francisco, London, and Austin. Make sure you have a strong data science portfolio. Then, check out the new positions on the Zynga jobs page.

8. Brightloom

Brightloom is a platform that uses data science to increase the efficiency of company marketing. Their customer growth platform is currently in beta. They are continuing to hire data scientists to work on the product so that they can launch publicly in the near future. Figure out what the right data science role is right for you based on your background and experience and then review their open positions.

9. Stripe

The goal of Stripe is to build economic infrastructure for the Internet so that businesses of every size can accept and manage payments online. In the current crisis, brick & mortar stores and restaurants have moved fully online. This means that more and more organizations need Stripe to successfully and efficiently run their organizations. Because of this increase in demand, Stripe is continuing to hire for all positions, including many data science roles. Get the inside scoop to learn how to get a job at Stripe and see the openings on their careers page.

10. Citrix

Citrix is a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive. They also provide IT with visibility and security to enable and control it all. This digital workspace is becoming more popular as companies transition into fully remote organizations. To match the growing demand, Citrix is hiring across all teams, including data science. Learn more about their mission and values in our guide to getting a job at Citrix. Then, review all of their open positions on their website.

This list of companies hiring data scientists during Coronavirus should help you narrow down your search and find a job faster.

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