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How Do Recruiters Use ChatGPT in the Hiring Process?

ChatGPT has officially put comedians on notice. GPT-4, the latest version of OpenAI’s groundbreaking chatbot, recently explained what’s funny about a photo of a smartphone plugged into a lightning cable adapter. OK, not exactly the stuff that HBO specials are made of. But there’s no denying that machine learning has taken some truly incredible strides since the unveiling of ChatGPT in late November of last year. And while comedians probably aren’t going to get ChatGPT to start writing their material anytime soon, the recruiting industry is an entirely different beast.

How Do Recruiters Use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT automates routine tasks. No, it can’t write the next great American novel (although it’s certainly trying). But churning out a detailed job description from a bullet point outline is well within its reach. Anyone with a LinkedIn profile is familiar with the canned messages that periodically pop up in our inboxes. ChatGPT can knock off a dozen variations on those in less time than it takes to snag a cup of coffee from the break room. What are the broader implications of this? Well, for one thing, recruiters are going to have a lot more time to spend on the part of their work that really matters. Less time behind a keyboard means more time on the phone with candidates. If you’re taking a phone screener with a recruiter, there’s a nontrivial chance that they’re going to use at least one question generated by ChatGPT. That represents countless opportunities for recruiters to streamline their hiring processes.

Adapt Your Job Search Strategies

You have access to the same tools as recruiters. For once, you’re on a completely equal footing. Take advantage of this fact by using ChatGPT to practice mock interviews. More likely than not, it’ll generate the same questions for you that it made for your recruiter. You can take this even further. Use ChatGPT to inspire your own messages, resume and cover letters. Of course, you don’t want to simply copy and paste what ChatGPT has to say. Rather, use it as a jumping-off point. Personalize the text to give it a taste of your personality. Most importantly, fact-check what ChatGPT has to say. You don’t want your application trashed because ChatGPT ripped off the job description to write your cover letter.

Faster and Easier Candidate Vetting and Screening

ChatGPT has serious limitations on its capability to research private individuals. You don’t have to worry about it poring through your social media profiles, but it is more than capable of compiling a series of technical interview questions that can knock unprepared candidates out of the running.

Stay One Step Ahead of ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to stay ahead of ChatGPT. You can game the system by running mock technical interviews and coding assessments before you start the interviewing process. Remember, you have the same tools at your disposal as the recruiters you need to impress. Despite its growing power, there are certain things AI can’t do, such as providing hands-on guidance. Connect with an experienced Pathrise mentor to take the first step toward achieving your career in tech. Apply to be a Pathrise fellow today!  

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