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Pathrise review: Got a job at Amazon making $18k more than previous role

Check out this Pathrise review from one of our fellows who got a great job at Amazon making $18k more than they were making before!

Our goal at Pathrise is to help people find great jobs in tech. We do this through data-backed tips, proven templates, inside information, and 1-on-1 mentoring. As of April 2021, we have helped over 1,000 people successfully optimize their job search and start working at new roles that pay them above industry averages. Check out our Pathrise Series A funding announcement in Forbes as well! And for another Pathrise review, see our post.

We are excited to share stories from our fellows about their job search, how Pathrise helped, and their outcomes. This Pathrise review comes from our fellow Jeffrey who was working as a software engineer but wanted to level up his job search so he could find a new position that paid more. We ended up helping him land a great role at Amazon where he negotiated a salary that was $18k more than his current compensation.

Pathrise review: Jeffrey

Background on Jeffrey

Jeffrey got his Bachelors in Computer Science and began working as a full stack engineer at a healthcare consulting company. He was looking for a new job on and off for around a year before finding Pathrise. His goal was to find a job that can advance his career, specifically at a tech company. In addition, Jeffrey was interested in working on a product team where he could own application building and implementation.

Unfortunately, Jeffrey was taking a passive approach to his job search and was not getting a lot of bites. When he did hear back from the rare company, he did well in his technical challenges, but struggled with his behavioral interviews. He was looking for guidance on how to make his resume standout as well as tips for how to talk about his technical skills in his sessions so that the could impress interviewers.

Why did you join Pathrise?

When asked why he joined Pathrise, Jeffrey explains, “I decided to join because I was looking for a new role in my career that I was excited about. I had trouble finding interviews by myself with companies that I was interested in.” After going through the job search on his own for about a year and not getting results, he wanted expert guidance so that he could find a great job and transition from healthcare to tech.

How was your Pathrise experience? How did it compare to your expectations?

Jeffrey enjoyed working with his mentors, especially his career mentor, since struggled more on his behavioral interviews than he did in his technical sessions.

About his career mentor, Julia, Jeffrey said, “We had regular check-ins where we would go over the goals from the previous week and I’d get updated from my job pipeline. She was always understanding if I couldn’t meet a goal. We also did mock behavioral sessions as well.”

In addition, Jeffrey explained, “Practicing cold emails and interviews was helpful. Overhauling my resume was helpful too. Wording my experience better and including specific details of the work that I’ve done helped as well.”

Pathrise outcome

Happily, Jeffrey was successful in his goal with Pathrise, which was to transition from healthcare consulting to a software engineering position in the tech industry. He ended up getting a great job as a software engineer at Amazon.

Compensation increase with Pathrise help

Jeffrey’s salary increased by $18k with his new offer at Amazon. At Pathrise, fellows in our program negotiate 10-20% increases in salary on average. For more guidance on how to negotiate, including an annotated email template you can use, check out our article.

Is Pathrise legit? Reddit users ask all the time…

“Yes, they advertise themselves as a way to help people advance their careers and get jobs at companies they want to work for and that’s what happened to me,” explains Jeffrey.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Pathrise?

When asked this question, Jeffrey said, “I would say that it’s a worthwhile investment for them. It may be time consuming to meet the goals. Make sure you have time for the program. The most impactful tactic to get my current job was increasing the number of applications I was sending out and advice on how to apply and cold email. Filling the job funnel with opportunities each week made a difference.”

Is Pathrise worth it? Reddit users ask this a lot as well. Would you recommend Pathrise to a friend?

Jeffrey gave Pathrise a 9/10 when asked how likely it would be that she refers Pathrise to a friend. With an increase of $18k in compensation and confidence gained through mentorship and interview prep, it seems like Pathrise was definitely worth it for Jeffrey.

If you are looking for guidance on how to get a software engineering job or any other job search related question, Pathrise can help you. Our online mentorship program helps people with resume, LinkedIn, and portfolio optimization, cold emailing and reverse recruiting, behavioral and technical interviewing, negotiation, and so much more. Pathrise mentors have years of experience on both sides of the hiring table and come from top tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Salesforce, Triplebyte, and more. 
Ready to level up your job search like Jeffrey did? Join Pathrise.

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