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Jobs for Marketing Majors in the Tech Industry

As you near graduation, your attention has likely turned to your job search. After spending four years studying marketing, it is time to put your skills to the test. But first, you need to understand the different types of marketing roles so that you know what works for you based on your background, experience, and goals.

We have worked with many marketing grads on each stage of their job search. Review the types of tech jobs for marketing majors and the responsibilities of each below. That way, you will ensure you are applying to the right job for you.

1. Digital marketing associate or manager

One of the more broad roles under the marketing umbrella is digital marketing associate (entry level) or manager (more experienced). If you are working in this position, you are likely doing a variety of specific jobs. Some examples include social media marketing, search engine optimized (SEO) content writing and/or marketing, paid search, and more. This is a great role for someone with a wide range of experience in marketing. If you are looking for more information on how to become a digital marketer, check out our guide.

2. SEO specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists are responsible for creating or managing the creation of content that increases a website’s traffic and leads to more conversions or the desired result of the site. SEO best practices include:

  • Adding more backlinks
  • Using keywords on relevant topics
  • Optimizing a website for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewers
  • Maximizing the site’s loading speed.

This role requires knowledge of tools, analytics, and metrics. Learn more about the specific skills and technologies in our article, “What does a digital marketer do?

3. Content marketing associate or manager

If you are a strong writer, creative designer, or aspiring videographer, content marketing roles might be a good choice. This position can be specific to the type of content you are creating, like blog posts, social media ads, or videos, or it can be a hybrid of all different types of media. It is important to read the job description closely before applying. We recommend this because these roles require a portfolio that matches the type of work you will be doing.

4. Email marketing associate or manager

Companies send out emails for a number of reasons to a variety of audiences. For marketing purposes, emails can advertise the product or service to potential clients or customers, keep people engaged with the company, provide updates, and increase brand awareness, and accomplish many other goals. Email marketing managers are responsible for strategizing these campaigns. They also work on creating and developing the content and analyzing the metrics, including open rates, engagement, and conversion rate. Knowledge of the various email platforms like Mailchimp or Pardot is important. Email marketing managers also need to have an understanding of testing and analysis.

5. Performance marketing associate or manager (SEM or PPC)

Search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are elements of paid marketing, which is typically done by a performance marketing manager or associate. Both require ad optimization, strategic placement, knowledge of various platforms, and a strong understanding of analytics and metrics. This role is on the more technical side, so make sure you have a strong background before applying.

6. Social media marketing associate or manager

More and more companies are using social media to interact with customers, build brand awareness, and increase traffic to their website. As part of their job, social media marketers determine the different audiences on each platform and create content that will engage this diverse range of users. Review the job description carefully before applying to these roles since some require design or video editing skills along with copywriting.

Once you determine the best role for your background, take a look at these marketing major salary stats. We’ve also included tips on how you can negotiate for higher compensation.

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