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Jobs for Computer Science Majors

As graduation nears, most people turn their attention to their job search. After spending 4 years studying, it is important to understand what jobs for computer science majors are attainable.

We have worked with hundreds of grads on each stage of their job search, ultimately helping them land a great job. One of the first steps is to figure out what jobs they should be focusing on. We compiled this list of jobs for computer science majors to help you do the same.

1. Software engineer

Likely the most common option for graduates with computer science degrees, software engineer is a role with a lot of opportunities for growth and skill advancement. Generally, the role is fairly interdisciplinary and requires interaction with other teams, like design and product. Software engineers are responsible for developing, sometimes designing, and testing websites, apps, platforms, and many other systems. If you are wondering how to get a software engineering job, check out our guide.

2. Mobile developer

If you find yourself more attracted to apps and mobile games, maybe you should consider a role as a mobile developer. These roles are typically split into iOS and Android developers because the operating systems are fairly different. This might be a good fit for you if you have experience interning at a mobile-first company, like Snap, Twitter, or Uber.

3. Web developer

Web developers focus on creating websites. They often build out designs created by UX and UI designers and developing functionality determined by product managers. They ensure pages are responsive for all devices and often help with QA (quality assurance) of the site. Web developers are also split into front-end (how the page looks) and back-end (how the page acts) focused.

4. Data analyst or data scientist

There are a lot of paths one can take to prepare for a career in data science. One of those is by majoring in computer science. Data analysts are more entry level and they focus on collecting and interpreting data. Data scientists have more experience and proficiency in the common data programming languages like R and SQL. They are responsible for solving complex business challenges using predictive analyses and other models. To learn more about the different data roles, check out our guide on how to kickstart your data science career.

5. Machine learning engineer

Often requiring specialized classes or projects in the topic, machine learning engineers focus on deep learning programming to solve specific problems. If you have experience working on these types of projects, either in your courses or internships, consider focusing your attention on these roles so that you can continue to advance your skills in this rapidly growing field. Large companies like Amazon and AI-based companies like Automation Anywhere are always looking for talented machine learning engineers to join their teams.

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