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New Hiring AI: How It Affects Your Application for Amazon Remote Jobs

Machine learning has revolutionized virtually every aspect of modern life. From lifelike AI chatbots to self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence has taken over roles that not long ago were considered uniquely human domains. The hiring process has not been spared.

The past decade has seen an explosion in the use of AI programs to winnow down the candidate pool. While early iterations of hiring software suffered from issues like gender bias and poor screening results, this new generation of AI promises to cut down on discrimination by eliminating human bias.

It will achieve this by examining candidates through a narrow view centered on competency and traits identified as predictive of workplace success. Looking at Amazon jobs? Amazon’s new AI program promises to be the most sophisticated applicant sorting tool yet.

How does this compare to ATS?

The big difference between this new software and the current Amazon tracking system (ATS) will be the removal of recruiters early in the hiring process. Amazon isn’t getting rid of the human element entirely (more on that later), but the early stages of candidate sorting will be fundamentally changed. Rather than relying on recruiters to contact prospective employees to gauge interest and learn more about their skills and experience, Amazon will be using its new software to compare resumes against predictive criteria it’s gleaned from past successful candidates. While AI is revamping the early stages of ATS, the tip of the pyramid will remain unaffected. Successful candidates will still get the chance to interview with real humans before a hiring decision is made.

How should the applicant change their approach when dealing with an AI and not a recruiter?

Keyword stuffing is out. Copying and pasting the job description to the bottom of your resume in a white font may have been a clever hack seven years ago, but this generation of AI is a wee bit sophisticated for that. No, when you’re dealing with a modern AI program, it’s vital that you closely tailor your resume to the job description. Don’t lie. Do connect your education and experience to the job requirements to the best of your abilities.

A solid back-and-forth remains one of the great benefits of chatting with a recruiter. With a recruiter, you can contextualize, check for understanding, and clear up uncertainties. Unfortunately, AI programs tend to be more rigid in their approach. That’s why it’s so important that you optimize your resume to display your most relevant work experiences and education.

There will always be a human element in the hiring process

AI is fundamentally a top-of-the-funnel phenomenon.  No matter how sophisticated AI programs become, they will never completely replace human interviewers. Companies care about more than hard skill sets. Managers want to hire curious, hardworking, and personable people. Even if you’re gunning for Amazon remote jobs, your hiring manager will want to make sure you’re conscientious and helpful. Remember, your relationship with your interviewer doesn’t end after you accept the job offer. It’s just beginning.

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