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Understanding the Rise of Bootcamp Graduates Over Long-Term Employees

In recent years, layoffs have rocked the tech industry. Top tech companies like Google  are still  laying off long-time employees with two decades or more of experience. But as these tech companies lay off experienced employees, these same tech companies are quietly hiring coding bootcamp graduates. This shift in tech hiring has raised eyebrows and raises questions about tech company’s hiring needs. Why is tech hiring at top companies favoring fresh faces from top coding bootcamps over seasoned professionals? We’ve outlined some tech companies’ key motivations for hiring bootcamp graduates over seasoned professionals.

Skills Gap and Adaptability: 

Tech is an ever-evolving landscape, with new programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies constantly emerging. Finding candidates  up-to-date with the most current tools is critical to tech hiring managers. Long-time employees may have deep knowledge of legacy systems, but may be less familiar with the most in-demand tools and skills. While current employees can absolutely upskill, some experienced team members may stay stuck in their ways and struggle to adapt to the latest trends. Recent bootcamp graduates, on the other hand, are usually trained in the most cutting-edge technologies that matter to the industry at the time of graduation. And if not, they’re often eager to learn and make changes. Their recent training and flexibility can make bootcamp grads appeal to tech hiring managers in a rapidly changing industry. 

Cost Efficiency: 

Senior employees typically demand higher salaries due to their extensive experience and expertise.  Bootcamp graduates are relatively new to the industry and are usually seeking lower starting salaries (although starting salaries can quickly be raised). While less formally experienced, Bootcamp grads may have the same core skills as experienced employees earning wildly high salaries. For companies looking to cut costs or stay competitive in a fast-paced market, hiring bootcamp graduates can be more cost efficient. 

Diversity and Fresh Perspectives: 

Many tech companies are striving to diversify tech hiring and inject fresh perspectives into their teams. 38% of coding bootcamp grads are women, compared to only 25% of software engineers working in tech today. Bootcamp graduates come from diverse backgrounds and often bring unique insights and approaches to problem-solving. By hiring from bootcamps, companies can foster innovation and creativity within their teams. 

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Demand for Specific Skills in Tech Hiring

With the increasing importance of niches with technologies such as AI and machine learning within data science, companies are increasingly seeking candidates with specialized skills. 82% of 2020 companies needed to hire tech professionals with machine learning skills, but only 88% said there wasn’t enough of a supply of professionals with in-demand machine learning skills. Technical bootcamps often offer intensive training programs tailored to these specific areas, producing graduates who are well-equipped to meet the demand for niche skills in the industry.

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Agility and Speed: 

In today’s fast-paced tech environment, companies need to move quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Bootcamp graduates are typically quick learners. By graduating from a fast-paced bootcamp, they’ve proven they can master technologies in a short amount of time. Hiring bootcamp graduates allows companies to fill critical roles faster and maintain agility in their operations. 

Cultural Fit and Company Values: 

Top companies like Amazon place massive importance on cultural fit and alignment with company values when making tech hiring decisions. Bootcamp graduates tend to be more malleable and receptive to company culture, making them easier to integrate into existing teams. 

Partnerships with Bootcamps: 

Some tech companies have established partnerships with technical bootcamps to access a pipeline of skilled talent. These partnerships often can include mentorship programs, internships, and direct tech hiring initiatives, providing companies with a reliable source of qualified candidates. 

While the rise of bootcamp graduates in tech hiring may be unsettling for some long-time employees, it reflects the industry’s evolving needs and priorities. Embracing this shift in tech hiring requires a willingness to adapt, upskill, and remain competitive in a dynamic job market already plagued by layoffs. Ultimately, tech companies must strike a balance between leveraging the experience of seasoned professionals and harnessing the potential of fresh talent to drive innovation and growth in the digital age.

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