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Pathrise opens new Consulting & Strategy track

Interested in becoming a consultant? Pathrise has opened a new track in Strategy & Consulting to help you launch your career. Before 2022, we were limited to helping people get just a handful of in-demand tech jobs. However, we never stopped getting requests from aspiring consultants who wanted help acing their competitive case interviews and breaking into the well-compensated field.

Like finance, consulting offers high starting salaries and an opportunity to make an impact right out of the gate. There’s little wonder consulting is so popular with recent grads. But consulting is also a popular second career, attracting a wide variety of professionals from jaded lawyers to burnt out investment bankers.

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Of course experience in a specific industry makes older professionals desirable consultants. But why would a busy professional at the peak of their careers even want to become a consultant? Work life balance, usually. While consulting interviews can be extremely competitive, consulting roles typically offers a less stressful environment with more flexibility. We’re so excited to help people at any stage in their career land their dream job in this rewarding field.

Instead of a course on consulting and strategy, we offer career mentorship and technical interview prep. We don’t teach core consulting skills. We help fellows land their dream job in these fields, sharpening their skills along the way.

Our consulting program is remote and flexible. Fellows usually work about 10 hours per week. Expert mentors work 1-on-1 with fellows to optimize their resumes, perfect their online profiles, source opportunities, and network as effectively as possible. Fellows also participate in rigorous mock interview sessions and meet weekly for reflections to improve after real interviews. Optional workshops are also available to develop specific consulting & strategy skills.

We guarantee placement. The program is free until you get hired–you pay nothing unless you land a great job in consulting or strategy. Past consulting fellows have been placed at McKinsey, Amazon, and Google..

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Our consulting mentors also hail from top companies like Deloitte, Spotify, and Gap. Our new Strategy & Consulting mentor, Lexy Zarachy, is currently the program management lead at Reforge, a membership platform that provides top tech talent with the content and community needed to grow. Lexy has worked across strategy, operations, product, and program management, leveraging technology to scale impact. In particular, she has expertise in consulting in the EdTech, FinTech, and Healthcare sectors. 

Consulting interviews are notoriously competitive. Luckily, fellows in our program get a unique behavioral matrix to nail elevator pitch and ace any question. We predict popular behavioral interview questions with data so fellows can prepare beforehand. After practicing common questions beforehand, fellows in our program see their confidence and performance skyrocket.

The dreaded “case” interviews in consulting & strategy interviews can make even the toughest job-seeker shudder. Case questions require candidates to solve a business problem for a panel of interviewees. You might get a highly technical question about the drug pricing in Finland. You might get a general question about improving revenue for a shoe company. Yes, having a wide breadth of knowledge and ability to think on your feet matter. But don’t forget that you have to do so out loud. A candidate’s communication under pressure is often just as important as arriving at a correct answer. Interviews often have complex criteria to score candidates, often that have nothing to do with the question itself. Fortunately, this complex criteria means that there’s a system to master case interviews without memorizing a million hypothetical scenarios.

Case interviews often include “estimation” and “market size” questions that ask interviews to quickly estimate the value of a specific niche. Interviewers want to see applicants calculate, but more importantly, explain their calculations clearly. Sometimes interviews will be designed specifically to dress candidates, assessing their performance under pressure. Luckily, fellows in our program attend an extensive workshop that provides a foundation for doing “napkin math”, even in high pressure situations. pressure interviews. To ace strategy interviews, fellows also attend another workshop to walk through example case and common frameworks to approach these types of questions.

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Most job-seekers intuitively know that starting salary shapes lifetime earnings, but few actually make an effort to negotiate a higher salary. Why? Negotiation is intimidating, especially during and after a competitive consulting interview process. Candidates worry that negotiation will sour employers’ opinion of them, or even get their offer retracted. That’s why our mentors handle the entire negotiation process, preparing fellows to avoid gotcha questions and taking over when the offer letter arrives. On average, we increase fellows salary 10-20% through negotiation alone. Not once has a fellow had their offer retracted 

If you would like to work 1-on-1 with any one of our mentors to land your dream job in consulting, strategy, or any of our tracks, join Pathrise. The first 2 weeks are a free trial to see if the program is right for you

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Derrick Mar

Before tackling the challenge of building the technical infrastructure of Pathrise as the CEO, Derrick was a software engineer at Facebook, where he was one of the founding engineers of the team responsible for the first ever 3D Facebook posts. Before that, Derrick explored the intersection of AI and education, founding AI Grading, a platform that optimizes the grading and analysis of student practice exams in the test prep industry, and also working as one of the earliest software engineers at Gradescope.

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