Career Connect: Message a Hiring Manager the Right Way

Not hearing back from job applications? Our new tool uses AI to get you 3x more interviews.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Pathrise Career Connect. The tool finds email addresses of company insiders like recruiters and hiring managers. The app then uses AI to generate a personalized networking message to hiring managers optimized to get you an interview. 

Automate the entire networking process–our tool can even send outreach emails for you and track applications for follow-ups. Career Connect is completely free on Chrome.

Get in front of hiring decision makers

Most job applications never get read. While LinkedIn messages can help you stand out, sending a message to hiring managers or recruiters via email is far more effective. A personalized networking message to hiring managers with your application triples your odds of getting an interview–but only if sent to a relevant hiring decision maker.

Career Connect finds the emails of decision makers connected to a job post you’re applying to. Immediately connect with the right recruiters and hiring managers to skip the resume slush pile and get an interview. Here’s a demo showing the app in action.


Traditional job application email outreach can feel like spam. Recruiters either never respond or aren’t looking for your specific talent. Career Connect offers a better way to connect with hiring managers and recruiters–who actually want to hear from you. Career Connect finds the emails of hiring managers who posted LinkedIn job listings you’re interested in. These recruiters are aggressively searching for talent that matches your specific skills and experience. 

75% of our emails sent through Career Connect get read. Less than 10% of cold LinkedIn messages are ever opened. Connect with the right hiring decision makers today.

Graphic showing email open rate improvement using career connect

The Perfect Networking Email… Written by AI

We’ve found that including a personalized networking message to hiring managers with your application triples your odds of getting an interview. So if you’re wondering how long to wait after submitting a job application online before you send a follow-up email–don’t wait. Pathrise Career Connect uses AI to find hiring decision makers’ emails, then sends them the perfect networking email. Our AI sends the perfect message to hiring managers immediately, helping you land your dream job faster.

Our tool generates job application emails tailored to your resume and the job description to give you the best chance of landing an interview. The AI message to hiring manager example is based on our proven job seeker data and rigorously split tested. Each sentence of the email is optimized to stand out to recruiters and get you an interview.

Today’s employers use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to sort candidates based on keywords in the job description. Job application emails that match the keywords in the job description get passed on to hiring decision makers. Career Connect uses keywords from the job description to help you stand out.

Stop sending applications into a blackhole

Are you applying to jobs endlessly and never hearing back? We’ve found that professionals greatly underestimate the amount of applications they’re really sending… Or they’re sending too many low quality applications. 

You can use the Career Connect extension to automatically keep count of every job you apply for. Using the tool to track your applications holds you accountable and motivates you to send enough personalized applications every week.

Image with a quote about job applications going into a black hole

Put your networking on autopilot

Not only does Career Connect automatically generate networking emails, but it can also automatically send them for you. When you’re happy with an AI outreach message, you can click the “send via Gmail” button to send the message to hiring managers via your personal email. 

This feature lets you rapidly send highly personalized job application emails, saving you hours of anxiously reviewing and revising emails. All outreach emails and job applications will automatically be tracked in a digital “pipeline” to help you stay on top of your job search. 

Stay on top of your applications without lifting a finger

Today’s hiring decision makers are drowning in applications. They’re not always ignoring your job application emails because you’re a bad fit. Often, they just didn’t have the time that day and forgot.

Job seekers often wonder how long to wait after submitting a job application online before sending a follow-up email. The answer is immediately, then again in about a week. 

A well timed follow-up email can be the difference between an interview and rejection. Yet most job seekers rely on memory to keep track of job application emails–many applications slip through the cracks. These job seekers forget to send follow ups and even miss interview invitations. 

Career Connect automatically tracks LinkedIn messages, emails, and job applications to your digital pipeline so that you’ll never miss an email.

Triple your interview rate with our app. Add the extension to Chrome free today.


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Get 3x more interviews using career connect

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