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Using Linkedin Search Filters in Your Job Search

Are you struggling to find your dream job on LinkedIn and considering quitting the platform?

According to LinkedIn, 50 million job seekers search for jobs on the site every week, and six people get hired every minute.

These statistics suggest that you may not be using LinkedIn to the fullest.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for searching for a job that offers many search filters based on professional level, company, and job type to narrow your search results to the jobs that perfectly match your qualifications.

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn search filters, here’s an overview.

Linkedin Filter: Date Posted

By default, search results show all jobs related to the searched keyword regardless of when they were posted. You can filter for jobs posted today, in the last seven days, or in the last month.

Linkedin Filter: Experience Level

Applying to jobs not suited to your experience level can do more harm than good. This search filter aids in finding jobs that match your skills and experience level, from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

Linkedin Filter: Company 

Are you eyeing specific companies only? You can narrow your search to job openings in the organizations where you’re most interested in working.

LinkedIn Filter: Job Type

The job type LinkedIn search filter allows you to search for specific job types, i.e., remote, on-site, part-time, internship, or contract-based jobs.

LinkedIn Filter: Location 

This filter lets you see jobs and opportunities in specific countries or regions. You can enter your postal code, province, or country to specify your job location. This filter is especially useful if you’re looking to relocate.

How Do the Filters Change the First 10 Jobs You See?

After applying specific filters, LinkedIn’s search results are more optimized and geared toward what you’re looking for.

The first 10 results of the search match your requirements more than other job posts. This is an excellent way to apply for the latest job postings and avoid wasting time searching through outdated listings.

Moreover, these results can find the jobs most suitable for you based on your LinkedIn profile.

When to Use the LinkedIn Search Filters

LinkedIn search filters save time and hassle by showing you only relevant results and increase your focus on applying rather than job searching. You might want to use LinkedIn’s search filters if:

  • You’re a beginner and don’t know much about using specific keywords to find a job, you can apply some search filters to find relevant positions.
  • You’re only looking for jobs with certain benefits, a specific salary range, fewer applicants, or other specific criteria.

When Not to Use the LinkedIn Search Filter

One potential side effect of using LinkedIn search filters is that you may miss out on good opportunities because they don’t appear in your filter. If you only look for jobs at a specific type of company, you may not get as many opportunities as you would if you searched more broadly.

If your job search requirements are flexible, it’s best to avoid using these filters.

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