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Speed up your job search with the best job boards for data science – 2023 update

Updated in 2023

There has been a huge increase in the demand for data science roles in the past few years. On Glassdoor, they had about 1,700 job postings for data scientists in 2016. Then, that number rose to 4,500 in 2018 and 6,500 in 2020. With all of these additional data science job postings, you can save you valuable time and energy if you know the best job boards for data science positions.

We have rated each job board for scale (number of opportunities available) and quality (average conversion rate for each opportunity).

Best job boards for data science

General job sites

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good place to start your job search. The professional networking website has become one of the biggest places for people to find jobs. You should start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and making it as strong as possible. A lot of recruiters and hiring managers are now looking at LinkedIn profiles alongside resumes, so treat it with the same importance. You can also set your preference as “open to new opportunities” and let recruiters reach out to you. With the increased number of data science openings, you might not need to do any searching!

Scale: 3/3 | Quality: 1.5/3

Reminder: scale is number of jobs, quality is how successful people are in moving forward in the pipeline with these jobs

2. Google Jobs

You can make use of Google’s search feature to find a good conglomeration of job postings from all across the Internet. Google Jobs lets you narrow your search by title, location, type (full-time, part-time, etc), employer, and company type. These parameters can save you a lot of time by filtering out types of positions you know you don’t want.

Scale: 2.5/3 | Quality: 2.5/3 (especially if you sort by recently posted)

3. Indeed

Indeed pulls job postings from all around the Internet, resulting in one of the largest job boards. It is less specialized than some of the others, but you can narrow your searches by a variety of different parameters, like distance to a city, salary estimate, job type, company, and experience level. You can also sign up for data science opening alerts sent directly to your inbox and check out a graph of data science salaries based on over 900 reported salaries.

Scale: 3/3 | Quality: 1.25/3

Data science job boards

1. GitHub

If you are a data scientist with engineering experience or if you are looking to work closely with the engineering team, you can check out the GitHub job board to see if there are any interesting positions for you. Jobs posted on this board are full time only, but they also have remote positions. If you want more guidance on how to use GitHub, check out our article.

Scale: 1/3 | Quality: 1/3

Reminder: scale is number of jobs, quality is how successful people are in moving forward in the pipeline with these jobs

2. Kaggle

Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists, statisticians, and machine learning engineers. Their job board sources career openings for data professionals, which ensures you are only seeing the right types of positions. You can filter by salary, experience, and type of role as well as sign up for their newsletter to get these openings directly in your inbox.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 1.75/3

3. Analytic Talent – Data Science Central

Data Science Central is one of the largest communities of data scientists and analytics professionals. They have featured employers as well as featured jobs but you can also use the job board to search for positions. Then, you can check to see if your salary matches up to your counterparts as well as sign up for their job alert newsletter.

Scale: 1.5/3 | Quality: 1/3

4. IcrunchData

IcrunchData describes themselves as the premier job board for technology, analytics, and data-related jobs and professional advancement worldwide. As the data science industry rapidly evolves, they have expanded into leading companies, universities, and government entities. Their board is clean, frictionless, and self-serve.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 1/3

Photo of best job boards for data science
5. KDNuggets

A leading site for jobs in AI, analytics, big data, data mining, data science, and machine learning, KDNuggets and their editorial team has received many awards and mentions. For data scientists looking for interesting positions and to keep up with the constantly changing industry, KDNuggets is a good place to go.

Scale: 1.5/3 | Quality: 1.25/3

6. Data Elixir

If you are looking for data science jobs directly in your inbox, Data Elixir started as a newsletter and has grown into a job board, too. They still run the newsletter, which is delivered to over 29,000 data professionals. Jobs are featured in both places.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 1.5/3

7. DataJobs

There are 2 types of jobs listed on the DataJobs board: data science/analytics and data technology. The first category includes data scientists, analysts, and similar positions. The second includes business intelligence, warehousing, big data, and SQL. You can search for data science jobs by company, title, or city as well.

Scale: 1.5/3 | Quality: 1/3

8. MLConf job board

MLConf started as a conference devoted to the machine learning and data science community and has since grown into a bi-monthly newsletter, a free job board, resources, interviews, and free meetups. You can search on their job board by keyword and location.

Scale: 1/3 | Quality: .75/3


1. AngelList

For data scientists who are interested in working at startups, AngelList is a great place to look. Once you have set up your profile and added all of your past experiences, you can express interest in positions at companies that are hiring. Companies can also say that they are interested in you. AngelList is a good place to go if you are looking for companies that are ready to move quickly. Recently, they also launched A-List, which fast tracks invited profiles to hundreds of top startups that are hiring.

Scale: 1/3 | Quality: .75/3

Reminder: scale is number of jobs, quality is how successful people are in moving forward in the pipeline with these jobs

2. VentureLoop

VentureLoop is one of the leading job boards job focused on venture-backed companies. They have a lot of data science, data engineer, and machine learning positions. Many of the job postings found on VentureLoop cannot be found on any other job board.

Scale: .75/3 | Quality: 1/3

3. Hacker News

While not the most user-friendly, the Y Combinator job board is the best place to look if you are only interested in working at a startup that has been part of that program. There isn’t a search feature, so be prepared to scroll.

Scale: 0.5/3 (lots of jobs, but not that many for data) | Quality: 2.5/3

4. Crunchboard

TechCrunch is the leading authority on startups & the rapidly expanding tech industry, so it makes sense that their job board would be a good place for you to look. For data scientists looking to work in startups that have been around for some time or are growing quickly, you can see positions on Crunchboard and from their partners.

Scale: 1.5/3 | Quality: .75/3

If you are looking for more guidance on your job search, check out our guide to landing a great data science job.

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