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Pathrise opens a People, Talent, & HR track

Want to work in HR? Pathrise has opened a new track in People, Talent, & HR to help you launch your career. While we had previously focused on helping people land more technical roles, we had always worked closely with talent professionals and got plenty of fellowship requests from aspiring talent professionals. After all, Pathrise is focused on talent. Shouldn’t we offer a talent track? Now that we’ve on-boarded expert HR and talent mentors with a tested curriculum, we’re excited to help people land their dream job in this rewarding field.

Why HR? You’ll always have a job. Not only is HR experiencing steady growth, but it’s an internal service for administering and implementing laws. Companies can’t function without HR. And while technology may streamline some elements of the job, humans will always be required for human resources. The same goes for talent and people–these roles offer a collaborative work environment with a human touch that can’t easily be replaced.

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Instead of a course on HR skills or employment law, we offer career mentorship and technical interview prep. We help fellows land their dream job in these fields, sharpening their more technical skills along the way.

Our HR program is remote and flexible. Fellows have about 10 hours work per week, with 1-on-1 meetings scheduled as needed. Expert mentors help fellows optimize their resumes, perfect their online profiles, source opportunities, and network as effectively as possible. Fellows also participate in rigorous mock interview sessions and meet weekly for reflections to improve after real interviews. Optional workshops are also available to develop specific skills to succeed in HR and talent.

Fellows master the most important aspects of employment law as our curriculum breaks down the types of interview questions HR candidates are expected to know to ace interviews. We also teach fellows to identify and interpret metrics critical for People organizations, as well as how to prove this knowledge in interviews.

Curriculum of Finance, Banking, & Accounting track

We guarantee fellows a job. Fellows pay nothing unless they land a great job in HR, people, and talent. Past HR fellows have been placed at companies like Mainstreet, Code, and Ceribell.

Our HR mentors also hail from top companies like Meta, Splunk, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. One of our new mentors, Kim Pettibone, has 25+ years of HR experience. Kim has supported global teams in Engineering, Product, QA, UX, IT, Sales & Customer Success, Finance, and even managed the integration of several acquired startups. 

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While promotions and new positions may increase salary over a professional’s career, starting salary has the biggest impact on lifetime earnings. Sadly, few young professionals even try to negotiate a higher starting salary. Many experienced HT professionals don’t even bother trying to negotiate a higher salary when taking new positions, despite knowing the ins and outs of employee-employer relationships! Why? Nerves, usually. Some candidates fear negotiation will sour employers’ opinion of them, or even get their offer retracted. Others fall into gotcha questions by giving a specific figure early in the interview process, which makes negotiating difficult. 

That’s where Pathrise comes in. Our mentors handle the entire process, usually increasing fellows’ salary 10-20% through negotiation alone. We’ve never had an offer retracted from negotiation.

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If you would like to work 1-on-1 with any one of our mentors to land your dream job in HR at your dream salary, join Pathrise. We offer a 2-week free trial so you can see if the program is a good fit.

Apply today.

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