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After helping 1,800+ people land their dream jobs, we found that most job searches are scarily inefficient. It’s not that people don’t try–Most job seekers exhaust themselves, sending countless late nights sending applications into “black holes” that lead nowhere. Not only do they never hear back, but they don’t know what they did wrong.

Why do some talented professionals struggle to get an interview, while others sail straight to six-figure offers? Job search skills. Most professionals never learn how to effectively find and land a job, and it costs $750,000+ in lifetime earnings on average.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new “Specialist Network” to give fellows insider secrets and overcome all obstacles in their job search. Our Specialist Network is a one-stop-shop for the job search. This network gives job seekers all the tools and training they wish they had years earlier.

Our Specialists are the best in their field, hailing from top companies like Google and Facebook. Specialists, armed with our insider data, help fellows identify the perfect roles, craft resumes, ace interviews, overcome imposter syndrome, negotiate higher salaries and much more.

Job searching skills like salary negotiation or resume optimization for the ATS make a massive difference in lifetime earnings, yet many young professionals don’t even know these skills exist! At Pathrise, job search experts are all in one place, at your fingertips.

Our 190+ Specialists range from VP-level engineers to recruiters at FAANG companies, or certified mindset coaches, guaranteeing a solution to all obstacles in the job search. Our Industry Mentors know their field inside and out, helping fellows prep for technical interviews with common questions almost guaranteed to come up. Interviewers’ jaws drop when our fellows seem to know their questions before they ask!

HR & Recruiting Mentors give fellows the inside scoop on the recruiting process, while our Resume Specialists ensure that every job application submitted is irresistible. Fellows often see their application response rate triple after working with our Resume Specialists.

Procrastination and self-doubt are among the biggest hurdles facing job seekers. That’s why our Specialist Network includes Mindset Coaches to ensure job seekers stay motivated throughout their job search and go into interviews with confidence.

According to a recent poll, only 39% of professionals try to negotiate their salary. Candidates may be afraid that negotiation will make them seem greedy, or even get their offer pulled. That’s where our negotiation Specialists come in. We handle the entire negotiation process, guiding fellows past “gotcha” questions that make negotiation impossible and helping them craft compelling counter offers. On average, fellows increase their salary 10%-20% through negotiation alone!

Fellows in our program have weekly meetings with Career Mentors, as well as 4 sessions with any Specialist in our network. Your Career Mentor will quickly find exactly where your job search is going wrong, then point you to the right Specialist to help you develop the skills needed to land your dream job. In a typical week, our fellows spend about 4 hours in 1-on-1 Specialist meetings and 10 hours on the job search.

We’ve spent 5 years collecting data on thousands of job searches, learning exactly where job seekers are going wrong and why. We know better than anyone how hard the job search can be, and just how much professionals leave on the table with a suboptimal job search. With our Specialists’ support, fellows can double their interview scores and land better jobs faster.

We offer a two-week free trial to see if our program is a good fit. During your trial, you’ll be paired with a Specialist in your industry who will help identify the perfect roles for your skill set as well as what skills you need to develop to land your dream job. A mindset coach will help you build confidence and good habits, so you go back into your job search with motivation instead of procrastination. You’ll also work with a career coach to map out your job search, learning the exact steps needed to reach your goals.

If you’d like to work 1-on-1 with one of our Specialists to land your dream job, join Pathrise.

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