Negotiate salary with a recruiter

How to Negotiate Salary With a Recruiter

While recruiters can be amazing tools in your job search, it is important to understand how to best interact with them. They get paid when you get any job, so they do not always have your best interests in mind. Learning how to negotiate salary with recruiters is an important tool in the job seeker’s toolbelt. 

The Role of Recruiters in the Job Search Process

There are a few different kinds of recruiters. 

  • Some recruiters work in an agency, trying to fill various positions with various clients.
  • Some recruiters work for a company, trying to fill positions within that same company with qualified candidates.
  • Others work as headhunters, trying to fill higher-level positions, oftentimes speaking to candidates currently employed at another company. 

When it comes to negotiating salary with a recruiter, make sure to see which affiliation of recruiter you are talking to. If they are working for a company, do not open with your salary expectations. The recruiter is a great resource and the first point of contact to get hired, but if you show your hand too quickly, you can anchor yourself to that lower salary. 

How To Negotiate Salary With a Recruiter

When negotiating your salary, you want to get as much information from the recruiter as possible. Recruiters can advise you on the job’s specifics and perhaps the salary they have budgeted for the role. Remember: You can always walk away. If it doesn’t seem like the position is a good match even with impressive negotiation, well, there’s no reason to keep going in the process.

Here are some tips for how to negotiate your salary with a recruiter:

  • Do your research! Finding out the average salary for comparable positions is step one to negotiate salary. 
  • Do not reveal your current salary. Depending on the recruiter, they may use this information against you. Play it safe whenever you can, and keep your salary information to yourself. 
  • Don’t lowball yourself. Recruiters are great help, but they are not the only place you can find offers. Use their position within the company as leverage. 
  • Ask them for advice. They have some inside info on these positions. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Remember that the recruiter’s goal is to get you hired. Negotiating salary with a recruiter the right way is crucial to getting paid what you’re worth, and its good practice for negotiating salary when you get a job offer.

Making the Most of Salary Negotiations With a Recruiter

Being prepared is the key to making the most of your relationship with a recruiter. Negotiate your worth with one-on-one support from Pathriseand get up to 20% higher salary offers.

An experienced negotiation consultant will guide you through the entire process, from research to the actual negotiation. They will help you build a customized strategy based on your specific situation and teach you how to negotiate confidently. Learn more about how Pathrise can help you negotiate your salary here.

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