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Pathrise Opens an IT & Cybersecurity track

Want to start a career in IT? Pathrise has launched a new track in IT & Cybersecurity. While we had previously focused on just a handful of emerging tech roles, IT & Cybersecurity jobs were consistently in-demand, both from recruiters and job seekers. Considering IT’s competitive salaries and excellent work-life balance, we can’t wait to help people break into this rewarding field.

Our program isn’t a traditional course or bootcamp. Instead, we offer expert mentoring and technical interview prep that guarantees fellows a job. Rather than teaching people IT or cybersecurity from scratch, we help fellows in our program land their dream job via practical training and accountability. Along the way fellows attend workshops on specific skills to fill in any gaps in their technical knowledge.

Fellows in the program work 1-on-1 with career and industry mentors with high-level experience in cybersecurity and IT like Micahel Catucci. Mike is an IT security professional with over 20 years of experience. He’s worked as an IT support person, network administrator, and security analyst, eventually moving into Information Security Management. Mike has even worked on classified DOD programs and holds a SECRET security clearance!

Expert mentors like Mike work 1-on-1 with fellows to optimize their resumes, perfect their online profiles, source opportunities, and network as effectively as possible. Fellows also participate in rigorous mock interview sessions and meet for weekly reflections to improve after real interviews. We even offer a behavioral matrix that teaches fellows to nail elevator pitches and draft answers to questions that we predict with data. Preparing questions that will almost certainly appear in the interview can feel like going in with a cheat sheet, skyrocketing the candidate’s performance and confidence.

Our program is completely remote and flexible, with about 10 hours of work per week. We offer guaranteed placement and an income sharing agreement (ISA), meaning you pay with a percentage of your salary after you get hired. If you don’t land a great job in IT or cybersecurity, you pay nothing.

It’s no secret that starting salary determines lifetime earnings. But you probably didn’t know that salary negotiation can net you $1,000,000 more in lifetime earnings. Unfortunately, many job-seekers are intimidated by salary negotiation and don’t even try.

Why do so few candidates negotiate their salaries? Some are afraid that negotiation will annoy recruiters or get their applications retracted. Other candidates want to negotiate their salary, but get trapped by “gotcha” questions that make negotiation nearly impossible later.

That’s where Pathrise comes in. Our mentors handle the entire negotiation process, increasing fellows salary by 10%-20% on average. None of our fellows have ever had an offer retracted from negotiation.

If you would like to work 1-on-1 with one of our mentors to ace interviews and land your dream job in IT & Cybersecurity, join Pathrise. The first 2 weeks are a free trial so you can try out the program risk-free.

Apply today.

Derrick Mar

Before tackling the challenge of building the technical infrastructure of Pathrise as the CEO, Derrick was a software engineer at Facebook, where he was one of the founding engineers of the team responsible for the first ever 3D Facebook posts. Before that, Derrick explored the intersection of AI and education, founding AI Grading, a platform that optimizes the grading and analysis of student practice exams in the test prep industry, and also working as one of the earliest software engineers at Gradescope.

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