International Women's Day

International Women’s Day Spotlight: 7 Women In Tech To Keep On Your Radar

March is Women’s History Month, a time of both remembrance for the countless contributions women have made in the past as well as celebration of women all over the world who are making an impact today. We could wax poetic all year about how women make the world go round, but today on International Women’s Day we’re spotlighting seven women in tech who are breaking down barriers with their innovativeness, leadership, brilliance and creativity.

Mira Murati

People, Strategy and Operations  Mira Murati, International Women's Day

Albanian-born Mira Murati graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and it was up from there. She spent a year as an advanced concepts engineer at Zodiac Aerospace (now a Safran company), followed by a three-year stint at Tesla as a Senior Product Manager for Model X. After that, Mira transitioned into a VP of Product and Engineering role at Leap Motion, now Ultraleap, for two years before joining Open AI in 2018 as VP of Applied AI and Partnerships. In 2022, she rose to Chief Technology Officer at the company and now leads the teams behind DALL-E and ChatGPT, the humanlike chatbot that is taking the world by storm. Murati shatters the glass ceiling in a field where women are so often underrepresented. Thanks to her direction, groundbreaking new technologies are being widely adopted by the masses, putting her at the forefront of a revolution in the field of AI & Machine Learning.

Dara Treseder


Dara Treseder, International Women's Day

Marketing exec Dara Treseder is on top of her game as Autodesk’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Before joining the software company in 2022, she held CMO positions at Peloton, Carbon, and GE, as well as senior-level marketing positions at Apple and Goldman Sachs. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of the international consulting firm NeuBridges. Holding board positions at multiple tech companies, including Robinhood, she’s a powerhouse in the industry and an inspiration for us all!

May-Li Khoe

Product Design

May-Li Khoe, International Women's Day

May-Li Khoe is the former VP of Design at Khan Academy, the well-known non-profit ed-tech organization making knowledge accessible for all. Before joining Khan Academy, she made significant contributions as a design leader at Apple. She worked on several projects, including Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, 3D Touch, and much more. May-Li Khoe also spent time at Microsoft and IBM. More recently, the well-respected technologist has gone on to be a consultant and co-founder of startups Scribble and Sprout.

In her own words, “Most of my career so far has been about inventing new ways for humans to interact with computers. I’ve dedicated myself to helping people foster their own creativity and empowerment.”

Khoe, also a dancer, DJ, and all-around creative was named one of the “Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company.

Jill Santos-Hutcheson


Jill Santos-Hutcheson, International Women's Day

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Jill Santos-Hutcheson got her start in retail sales in 2011 before transitioning into tech the following year with a role at Yelp. By 2015 she had risen to a Sales Manager position, and two years later achieved even more growth by landing a role as a Sales Manager with Glassdoor. It wasn’t long before she began her time at Salesforce, taking on a Regional Sales Manager role followed by her current position as Regional Vice President for Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Retail & Consumer Goods division. Santos-Hutcheson is a champion of DEIB, having held most recently held a role as Global Growth Chair for Latinoforce, an ERG whose mission is to empower Latinx employees and their allies at the company and abroad.

Allison Robinson

SalesAllison Robinson, International Women's Day

As a mother of two, former real estate agent, and founder of Series C startup The Mom Project, Allison Robinson is no stranger to the hurdles working mothers face as they juggle the demands of parenthood and employment. Robinson began her sales career as an Account Manager at Proctor & Gamble, where she worked for seven years before launching The Mom Project. The Mom Project now partners with over 2,000 employers and 300,000 skilled professionals looking to transition back into the labor force after maternity leave. The Mom Project has raised over $80 million due to Robinson’s vision and business acumen and continues empowering working women with job opportunities daily.

Tracy Chou

Software Engineering

Tracy Chou, International Women's Day

Brooklyn-based Stanford grad and Silicon Valley native Tracy Chou is taking a stand against online harassment and abuse with her creation Block Party. This app allows users to take back control of their online experience. Chou describes her experience with online harassment as pivotal in her decision to found her own company. As a DEIB advocate, she is a founding member of Project Include. Honored as a member of Forbes Tech 30 under 30 and one of TIME Magazine’s Women of the Year in 2022, she spent a good chunk of time developing her expertise while working at tech companies, including Quora, Pinterest, and Facebook (now Meta). 


Timnit Gebru

Data (AI)Timnit Gebru, International Women's Day

Timnit Gebru is an AI researcher and DEI advocate hailing from Ethiopia. She is renowned for her work on bias and ethics in AI and previously held a position at Google, where she led the Ethical AI team. Gebru attended Stanford from undergraduate through Ph.D. – impressive indeed! As an audio engineer at Apple, she developed a keen interest in software development. Eventually, Gebru joined Fei-Fei Li’s Stanford lab as a researcher and joined Google in 2018. In 2020, she was controversially terminated from her role after internal disagreements over a document, which she co-authored, outlining the dangers of large language models. Still, Gebru was undaunted in her commitment to researching AI’s impact on marginalized communities, and in 2021 she launched DAIR, focusing on Africa and African communities in the US. To this day, she remains an industry expert on ethical AI.

Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are excited to share seven amazing women making history every day with their contributions to the tech world. They come from many different backgrounds and have taken many different paths through life, but they have never wavered in their professional pursuits. We hope their stories inspire you! 

We hope these fantastic stories have inspired you just as they inspired us. There are countless stories worldwide of people from all different backgrounds pursuing their vision relentlessly until they change the world. We endeavor to empower all our fellows. If you want to learn more about our service, check out our website

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