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2022 has been a tumultuous ride for tech majors. Earlier in the year, the tech industry had to deal with dropping stock prices, falling valuations, and funding drying up. The last few months have presented a new challenge. The story has flipped from rapid growth, lavish perks, and aggressive hiring to hiring freezes and layoffs. Crunchbase reports that as of September 2022, more than 42,000 workers in the US tech sector have been laid off.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Despite the challenging job market, companies like American Express are going against the grain and rapidly expanding their workforce.

1500 Employee Hiring Spree – What Does It Mean?

New York-based financial services giant Amex has recently announced that it’s looking to add a whopping 1500 new hires to its technology arm. Around 60% of these hires will be based in the US and the rest in Europe and India. American Express had over 64,000 employees worldwide as of last year, and the company recently added 3,600 technical workers to its payroll earlier this year.

American Express Job Openings

Ravi Radhakrishnan, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) at Amex, informed media outlets that the company is rapidly looking to appoint engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to various teams, including technology, sales and relationship management, finance, analytics and risk management, products, customer service, marketing, and corporate functions. The company offers job openings across major cities in the US and globally, with opportunities to choose a hybrid model of work or 100% virtual roles, depending on availability and employee preferences. Currently, 40% of the company’s global workforce works remotely.

How Does Amex Fit into Your Job Search?

You can begin the application process by visiting the careers page of American Express. Browse through the list of open jobs at Amex and apply for any position that suits your profile. Alternatively, you can upload your resume and get a curated list of jobs matching your professional experience and skills.

That being said, submitting your application is only the first step of a lengthy and competitive hiring process. You’ve got plenty more hurdles to cross – tech interviews, cultural fit interviews, coding tests, and more. With the tech industry going through a phase of layoffs and hiring freezes, the competition for the roles is likely to be extremely high. It’s not about having the right skills; you need an impressive profile to stand out from the thousands of applicants.

How Can Pathrise Help?

Pathrise can prevent your American Express job application from getting lost among the dozens of applicants. We offer one-on-one mentorship, interview training, and application guidance for talented tech professionals like you. Our mentors can help you secure more interviews and help you land lucrative Amex career opportunities. The best part is we work around incentives, meaning you pay us only when you succeed in landing a high-paying role and start working at your dream workplace.

Keep an Eye Out for Exciting Tech Opportunities

While the tech industry has currently slowed down hiring, it has not completely stopped recruiting new hires. Companies like American Express and others are looking to capitalize on the counter-cyclical trends by investing in employees. Whether you’re aiming to get your foot in the door in tech or looking to take your tech career to the next step, Pathrise can help. Apply for Pathrise mentorship and kick-start a successful tech career.

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