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Best questions to ask in a marketing job interview

It’s interesting how many people go into interviews without planning the questions they are going to ask at the end. They know this will come up, but they think that they don’t need to prepare – instead planning to wing it.

When spending time preparing for your interviews, coming up with questions to ask at the end should be part of your routine. Asking good questions can often give you the final push when it comes to interviewer feedback.

The recruiters and advisors at Pathrise have interviewed hundreds of people and when they are asked good questions, they always write them down in their notes, a practice that a lot of interviewers follow. These notes are then used to determine if the candidate would accept the position and remain interested in the role in the long term. In short, these questions affect the decision to move forward and/or extend an offer.

So, we’ve come up with the 10 best questions to ask in marketing interviews to ensure they show you are driven to work hard, willing to learn, and excited about the company and its mission.

  1. How do you see the product or company goals changing in the near future? What about a bit further down the line?
  2. What are the challenges that the team is facing currently? How can I, in this role, best contribute to solving these challenges?
  3. What are the main contributions and goals of the marketing team at the moment? How does this role that you are hiring for add to that?
  4. Does the marketing team collaborate with other teams, like product, design, and engineering?
  5. What is the process for getting content, designs, and other assets produced? 
  6. How much ownership would I have over my projects and how much guidance would I expect to receive from my supervisor?
  7. What do you like most about working at [company]?
  8. What is the most challenging part of your day at [company]?
  9. I read that [recent update about company]. How does that affect [the mission, the work of the marketing team, etc]?
  10. If I were to start on the marketing team tomorrow, what would my first task be?

Preparing questions before your interview will help make you confident when the time comes to ask. Your questions should show that you have done your research and that you are interested in the company and its future. If they do, you will ensure that the interviewer is left with a positive impression of you and your fit in their culture. 

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