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AlgoExpert vs. LeetCode

AlgoExpert and LeetCode are two of the most popular software engineering tools that programmers can use to educate and prepare themselves for technical interviews. But when it comes time to choose between them, which option best suits you?

AlgoExpert vs. LeetCode: Similarities

Both AlgoExpert and LeetCode are educational tools. They provide a training environment consisting of hundreds of vetted questions and built-in code editors, along with informative resources, both text and video.

AlgoExpert relies on video content, with over 100 hours of recorded explanations and data structure crash courses, in addition to 160 training questions that can be divided into four curated assessments.

LeetCode, on the other hand, offers training and educational material through written articles with generous explanations. With over 1,400 coding questions to choose from, you can filter your training material from “easy” to “hard” depending on your current level and topic.

Despite being expert-oriented tools, they both can be utilized by beginner and intermediate programmers, as the questions and projects can be filtered by difficulty level. This makes them great as an educational resource on top of interview preparation.

When it comes to programming languages, both programs support a wide variety of coding scripts that you can choose from. JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, Swift, Java, TypeScript, Go, and Kotlin are available in both programs. However, LeetCode supports a wider variety of languages including Ruby, Bash, Scala, Rust, Racket, PHP, C, Erlang, Dart, and Elixir.

AlgoExpert vs. LeetCode: Differences

Beyond their basic functionalities as software development training software, LeetCode and AlgoExpert branch out from each other. When it comes to helping you secure employment, LeetCode and AlgoExpert take contrasting approaches.

LeetCode features a leaderboard along with weekly contests that measure your skillset and expertise against those of other LeetCode users. Companies have been known to seek out candidates who showcase stellar performance in sponsored challenges.

AlgoExpert, on the other hand, takes a more traditional approach. Programmers who complete the material successfully receive a certificate of completion that they can showcase on their resume and LinkedIn profiles.


Additional premium features by LeetCode include discussion boards, where experts can exchange solutions and tackle challenges collectively. Furthermore, you get access to software engineering position interview advice and questions from actual tech companies, beyond just general training.

Generally, AlgoExpert is a more structured and guided approach to preparing for a software engineering interview, while LeetCode offers a wealth of resources that you’d have to manage and navigate mostly on your own.

When it comes to pricing, AlgoExpert offers a wider variety of options. For $119 a year, you get full access to the platform’s resources, questions, and assessments. However, for $189, you can bundle AlgoExpert with SystemsExpert, which includes resources on system design such as written content, quizzes, and video explanations.

For LeetCode, you can get a monthly subscription for $35 or an annual subscription for $159.

Making the Right Choice

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