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A review of The Muse as a career advancement tool – 2023 update

Check out our review of The Muse to learn how it can help with your job search.

Updated in 2023

What does The Muse do?

The Muse is an aggregation of resources relating to career growth and advancement. They have a robust blog with articles for people who are looking for help in any aspect of their career, from job-seeking through hiring, firing, and leadership. Their posts are typically pretty general, though they provide examples and templates.

There is also a job board that users can use to find positions based on location, field, company, expertise level, and type of position. The companies that are on this job board are partners with The Muse. That means that they do not have every company on there like LinkedIn does.

Muse as a career advancement tool


They also have career coaches that vary in expertise and price. You can choose a career coach service based on what you need. Then, you choose either a mentor, coach, or master, which correlates with experience level. The more experienced coaches are more expensive. Users also receive more benefits and touchpoints when they pay more. Career coaches can help with resume and LinkedIn updates, cover letters, negotiation, management training, networking, leadership, and more.

Muse platform


Who is The Muse for?

With resources for all types of career questions, almost anyone can benefit from the articles on The Muse. That being said, most of their content is fairly general. So, people who are looking for technical roles like software engineering, product management, product design, and data science might not find it as helpful. In addition, a lot of their resources are directed towards people who have been working for a bit and are trying to advance their career or transition directions.

What does The Muse cost? How much work is involved?

There are a few options for people who are interested in utilizing The Muse. Their resources and job board are free for users. They make money from companies that partner with them for their job board and sponsored articles. 

The Muse also makes money through their career coaching, which varies in price by type of coach and service. Resume review, for example, starts at $119 for one round of edits and a 30 minute call. It goes up to $479 for a 60 minute call and unlimited edits for 2 weeks. They also offer more expensive programs and packages for new managers, leadership, and career ruts.

Ratings and reviews

On The Muse website, the career coach service pages and career coaches themselves have reviews associated and the majority are positive. Other than on their own site, it is difficult to find reviews online from people who make use of their content or job board. That being said, they have more than 75 million visitors to their site each year. 

Alternatives to The Muse

Korn Ferry Advance is also an alternative to The Muse. It is a fairly new career coaching subscription service. FK Advance helps candidates with all aspects of their career, from resume to promotions. They are a subsidiary of Korn Ferry, a global consulting firm focused on strategic and organizational change. They also help place candidates in roles at their partner companies.

If you are looking to learn more about specific company processes and technologies, you can check out Rooftop Slushie. This is a new platform where job-seekers can ask questions and employees answer them. Users pay what they think is fair for the answers.

How does The Muse compare to Pathrise?

The Muse works with people to help them advance their careers. Oftentimes they focus on developing better leadership tools, getting a promotion, or transitioning to a new field. They mainly work with less technical positions and do not provide technical interview prep.

Pathrise is a full service organization. We work with candidates through all stages of the job search, with a focus on positions in tech. Fellows work with mentors that are specific to their industry (software engineering, product design, data science, product management, marketing, sales, and operations). In addition, they meet with career mentors weekly for 1-on-1 sessions. 

Specifically, we work with candidates on optimizing their resumes and online profiles and preparing for technical and behavioral interviews, as well as negotiation tactics for offers. Through workshops, pair programming sessions, and our forum, fellows get an opportunity to meet and collaborate with people like them. We represent the candidates. That means we can help connect them with any and all companies, not just the ones that pay to be in a specific marketplace or job board.

We don’t charge anything up front. So, when you are looking for your first job or when you are in between positions, you never need to worry about money until you are hired and working again. Fellows can interact with their mentors as much as they need to (within reason). Plus, our scheduling is extremely flexible, meaning they can get help at the exact time that they need it. In addition, all Pathrise advisors are equally experienced and are specifically matched with fellows based on their needs.

About Pathrise

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. With our tips and guidance, our fellows have seen their applications responses triple and their interview scores double.

If you want to work with mentors 1-on-1 to get help with your job search, become a Pathrise fellow. 

Apply today.

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