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10 Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Creating a stellar resume can mean the difference between getting that coveted interview for your dream job and getting passed over. You’ve already worked so hard to make yourself the best candidate possible. Don’t let an easily correctable resume mistake stop you from achieving your goals.

Your resume should act as a sales pitch highlighting your best features. Unfortunately, excellent candidates often get turned down because they don’t know how to sell themselves. Use the following list to make sure you’re not hurting your job search by falling for these common resume mistakes.

10 Resume Writing Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve compiled the following list to help you dodge the 10 worst resume mistakes that job applicants commonly make.

1. Listing Job Duties Instead of Personal Accomplishments

Employers want to see how you stand out from the competition. Use your resume to emphasize the ways in which you went above and beyond in your past work.

2. Not Tailoring Your Resume to the Position

Spamming out a one-size-fits-all resume will dramatically decrease your odds of snagging an interview. Although it will take a little more time, adjusting your resume to meet the specific requirements of each position will net you better results in the long run.

3. Poor Attention to Detail

Attention to detail routinely tops the list of traits employers look for in their workers. Consider using a spellcheck software system like Grammarly, or asking a friend to help you root out any careless spelling or grammar errors.

4. Making Your Resume Too Long

Unless you’re applying for a senior position, it’s generally a good idea to keep your resume to a single page.

5. Unprofessional Email Address

It doesn’t matter how good your resume is. If you list an email address that contains crass or obscene words or references, your chances of landing an interview plummet dramatically.

6. Lack of Action Verbs

Your bullet points should always begin with strong action verbs.

7. Keyword Stuffing

With the widespread use of applicant tracking software, there’s a temptation to stuff relevant keywords into your resume that don’t naturally fit in. While keyword stuffing might help you advance through the initial screening, it will get your resume tossed once it passes in front of human eyes.

8. Exaggerating Your Accomplishments

It’s OK to brag on your resume. However, any lies you tell will sink your candidacy when they come out during the interview stage.

9. Formatting Errors

Resumes follow very specific formatting rules. Make sure that your resume adheres to best practices for the industry you’re applying to.

10. Including an Objective Section

It’s time to ditch the objective section on your resume. These add zero value or new information.

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