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10 Highest-Salary Tech Jobs

Majoring in a technical field like computer science or information security is the first step to landing the highest-salary tech jobs. The second step is knowing what you’re looking for in a technical career.

Currently, there is a high demand for tech jobs with hefty salaries. With inflation rates on the rise, the demand for the highest-salary tech jobs continues to grow.

When looking for the best career path for you, it’s important to consider all factors. For example, lower-salary tech jobs may have more room for career growth and raises down the road. And some higher-salary tech jobs may require longer hours or heavier workloads than other jobs. With that said, here’s a look at the 10 highest-paying tech jobs you can pursue.

1. Cloud Architect

Average Salary:  $194,050

Almost everyone uses the cloud to store data. But who makes the cloud work? That’s the job of a cloud architect. This high-paying tech job requires someone who can think about what a company needs from the cloud and design a creative solution to meet those needs.

2. Blockchain Engineer

Average Salary:  $149,999

Many new online applications work based on massive digital databases known as blockchains. This puts blockchain engineers at the heart of online app development. Learn how to create and use blockchains while becoming instrumental to the development of online applications with this innovative career.

3. Software Engineering Manager

Average Salary:  $148,498

It’s rare for an individual to have both technical skills and people skills, but that’s what’s required of software engineering managers. These leaders need to have the beat on what each of the engineers on their team is doing, keeping track of deadlines and goals. And if software engineers run into trouble, it’s the manager’s job to help them fix the problem and meet their deadlines.

4. Data Scientist

Average Salary:  $144,481

If you want your data collection to make a difference, consider looking into a career as a data scientist. Their whole job is to analyze complex data in order to help businesses make important decisions.

5. Software Architect

Average Salary:  $134,534

For those with a creative mind and an understanding of software needs, a software architect position gives you the freedom to design and develop new software from the ground up.

6. DevOps Engineer

Average Salary:  $131,600

No one likes “updating now” screens, especially if those updates will take chunks out of your productive afternoon. So it’s no shock that DevOps engineers, who design ways to update applications easily and automate processes, have some of the highest-paying tech jobs in the industry. If you like the idea of increasing efficiency and productivity, this is a great position for you.

7. Big Data Engineer

Average Salary:  $130,882

Big data engineers work with — you guessed it — big data. They take mountains of data, organize it, and then hand it to data scientists for further analysis.

8. Computer Information and Research Scientist

Average Salary:  $118,188

If you like finding innovative solutions to complex problems, or you’re passionate about taking complex tasks and simplifying them, this position may be for you. These scientists research both software and hardware, working to improve these technologies to automate processes and make life easier for others.

9. Computer Network Architect

Average Salary:  $116,780

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what makes computers communicate with one another, this may be the job for you. Computer network architects design data communication networks, allowing everyone else to enjoy the benefits of networked computers without wondering how they work.

10. Robotics Engineer

Average Salary:  $100,640

Designing robots isn’t science fiction any more. Robotics engineers can use their skills to design and develop the very-real robots that will make life easier for the next generation.

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