Photo of companies hiring product managers during Coronavirus

10 companies hiring product managers during Coronavirus

Updated in 2023

Check out our list of companies hiring product managers during Coronavirus.

Looking for a job in this current COVID-19 climate might feel like an insurmountable challenge due to all of the hiring freezes and layoffs. We work with job-seekers every day to successfully navigate the search and we get it.

That’s why we created this list of 10 companies hiring product managers during the Coronavirus as of April 6th, 2020. We also wanted to provide some tips that will help you move forward in the application and interviews, including information on their missions, values, interview questions, and more. 

As a note, while these companies have not currently frozen hiring, most processes will be slower than expected. Just be patient and continue to be polite and friendly throughout your interactions with the recruiter and teams.

1. HubSpot

Now more than ever, company growth is extremely important to survival. That means that growth platforms and CRMs like HubSpot are especially beneficial. With more companies moving to remote work, transitioning to a platform is likely because it allows for more collaborative work. So, HubSpot is continuing to hire aggressively for product managers and other roles so that they can meet this new demand. Read our guide to getting a job at HubSpot to prepare for your interviews and then review their open positions.

2. Netflix

Shelter in place and social distance ordinances mean more people are staying home and consuming content. That means, of course, that this is a great time to join the team at Netflix. They are hiring aggressively and consistently for a variety of roles. There are a lot of product manager openings so they can continue making shows, strengthen their platform, and keep their business running smoothly. Check out our how to get a job at Netflix guide, which includes important information about their culture, and see their open positions on their careers page.

Photo of Netflix hiring product managers

3. JFrog

JFrog created the world’s first universal artifact management platform. Now, they are known as the “Database of DevOps”. Their platform allows for automated release and update management, which is especially useful for teams that are now working remotely. They are still hiring aggressively, including some roles for product managers. Learn more about their processes and culture on our guide to getting a job at JFrog. Then, see their open positions on their careers page.

4. NerdWallet

With the current market uncertainty, people are looking for guidance. Fintech companies like NerdWallet are made for this sort of situation. They provide expert advice for users to pay off debt, choose the best financial products and services (credit cards and insurance, for example) and tackle major life goals. They are continuing to hire, including product manager roles, during this time to keep up with product growth. Review our list of product manager interview questions from top tech companies and see their latest open positions on their website. 

5. Glossier

One of the most successful direct-to-consumer beauty startups, Glossier is not slowing down in light of the Coronavirus. Part of what makes them successful is their constantly growing list of products. They also have a community that they continue to expand. They are actively hiring for product manager positions and continue to do so. Learn more about how to get a job at Glossier and check out all of their openings.

6. Ring

Owned by Amazon, Ring is on a mission to make neighborhoods safer with their tech doorbells and alarm systems. In these uncertain times, increased security can be necessary. So, Ring is continuing to grow and they have a fair number of product manager roles open. Make sure you have a strong product manager resume with our editable template. Then, see the new positions on their jobs page.

7. OpenText

The leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), OpenText is continuing to grow as more companies need their products to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed. They are hiring fairly aggressively for a variety of roles, including many product manager roles in a range of experience levels. Prepare for your interviews by learning about their mission and interview processes using our guide to landing a job at OpenText and then find your perfect role on their jobs page

Photo of OpenText hiring product managers

8. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a platform that connects communities to share information, goods, and services. During this difficult time, the organization is continuing to work hard to help neighbors interact and help one another. They are still hiring, including product manager positions, so they can meet demand for people who are looking to connect with those around them. Learn more tips to get a job at Nextdoor, including information about their mission and processes. Then, check out their open positions.

9. Plaid

With a mission to enable innovation and democratize financial services through technology, Plaid provides developers with the tools they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. They work with big-name companies to successfully connect users with their financial information in order to make payments, work on personal finances, bank simply, and more. Get the inside scoop to learn how to get a job at Plaid and see the product manager openings on their careers page.

10. Robinhood

Another fintech company, Robinhood is working to leverage technology to encourage everyone to participate in our financial system. Their product makes investing in the stock market and other financial markets more accessible to everyone. They also provide educational resources to help people learn what they are doing with their money and why. They are continuing to hire at the same pace and they have a number of product manager roles available. Learn more about their mission in our guide to getting a job at Robinhood and review all of their open positions on their website.

With the following list of companies hiring product managers, you should be able to narrow down your search and find a great job faster!

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