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Speed up your job search with the best marketing job boards

As you begin your career, if you aren’t sure how to narrow your search, you can find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options. Knowing the best job boards to use for marketing positions can save you valuable time and energy. Just make sure that you have an optimized resume and a strong marketing portfolio before you start applying to jobs.

We rated each job board for scale (number of opportunities available) and quality (average conversion rate for each opportunity).

General job sites

1. LinkedIn

Most people start their job search with LinkedIn, often setting up their profile when they start school. But just having a profile isn’t enough for you to find a great job. You need to make sure that it is as strong as it can be and includes your past experiences, projects, and links to your portfolio and the work you have done.

Their job board is robust, but you might find some difficulty if you search “marketing” because it is such a broad search term. If you are just starting out in your career and you don’t know what types of roles you’re interested in, trying looking for ones that have less experience required. Searching “junior marketing manager,” “marketing associate,” or adding “entry level” to your searches will help you find positions that match your background.

Scale: 3/3 | Quality: 1.5/3

2. Google Jobs

Google gathers all of the job postings on the Internet and now houses them in their Google Jobs section of the site. All you need to do is type “marketing jobs” into your Google search bar to access it. It’s surprisingly good! They automatically add your current location to the job search, so be aware if you are looking for a job in a different city.

Scale: 2.5/3 | Quality: 2.5/3 (especially if you sort by recently posted)

3. Indeed

Indeed is one of the largest job sites, so it is not as specialized as some of the other specific boards. You can search by proximity to a city, salary estimate, job type (full-time, part-time, internship, contract, etc), salary range, company, and experience level. If the sheer numbers and options overwhelm you, though, consider checking out Indeed Prime. To use this free service, you create a profile and then they match you with companies that are hiring for positions that should fit your interests.

Scale: 3/3 | Quality: 1.25/3

4. Simply Hired

A conglomeration of many job postings on the web, Simply Hired is a good place to find marketing jobs because of the sheer number available. They have over 11,000 marketing positions in San Francisco alone on their site. Some of the openings can be accessed through “Simply Apply” which is their one-click application process. You can also filter by full-time, part-time, internship, or contract.

Scale: 2.75/3 | Quality: 2/3

Marketing specific job boards

1. Growth Hackers

The mission of Growth Hackers is to help companies ignite sustainable growth using the cross-functional, value-based approach proven effective by today’s fastest growing companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon and Netflix. They also have a small job board with cool growth and marketing positions.

Scale: .5/3 | Quality 2.75/3

2. American Marketing Association

The AMA job board has almost 1500 jobs available. It is one of the best places to stay up to date with marketing content as well as find interesting opportunities for your next position. Users can create an account to apply and manage openings as well as set job alerts so they can find out about new positions first.

Scale: 3/3 | Quality: 2.25/3

3. Marketing Hire

You can filter positions based on keyword and location on the Marketing Hired job board and they feature jobs in marketing, advertising, PR, research, social media, CRM, SEM, creative, media & more — many not found on the big job boards — from companies like HP, Microsoft, Nike, & Google as well as smaller firms. You can sign up for alerts or save jobs to come back to at a later date.

Scale: 2.5/3 | Quality: 1.75/3

4. Marketing Career Network

The Marketing Career Network (MCN) is an online recruitment resource that aligns employers with professional marketing membership organizations. Users create an account to manage their resumes and applications. They can also sign up for job alerts and save jobs.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 1.5/3

5. eMarketing Silo

eMarketing Silo is a job board focused on digital marketing roles in a variety of fields. You can filter by type of position, industry, state, position, date posted, or by keyword. They have about 1500 jobs available on the site and a job alert system that you can opt into so you receive new openings in your inbox.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 1/3


1. AngelList

If you are only interested in working at startups, AngelList is a good place to look. Candidates make a profile and then they can review positions at companies that are hiring. When they find an opening they are interested in, they “like” it. Companies also review candidates and express interest in the ones they like. This is often a good place to look if you are more interested in growth marketing or growth hacking, as you can get in to startups early.

Scale: 3/3 | Quality: 2.25/3

2. Hacker News

Again, if you are interested primarily in early-stage growth marketing, you can do great at young startups because you have the opportunity to really make a difference. If you are only interested in startups that have been part of Y Combinator, their job board is a good place to look.

Scale: 0.5/3 (many jobs, but not all for marketing) | Quality: 2.5/3

3. VentureLoop

VentureLoop is a leading job board focused on venture-backed companies. Their marketing positions include PR and product marketing and many of the job postings found on VentureLoop cannot be found on any other job board, so it is worth a look.

Scale: .75/3 | Quality: 1/3

4. Product Hunt

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. For people who want to work on marketing new products, and people who love product in general, this is a great place to go to find cool and exciting new apps, websites, projects, and more as well as really interesting jobs in the product space. You can search by marketing, growth hacking, or content creator based on your interests

Scale: 1/3 | Quality: 2/3

5. Crunchboard

For marketing managers looking to work at startups with some clout, companies that are a few years old, or teams that are growing quickly, TechCrunch’s job board, Crunchboard, is a good place to look. Their goal with the job board was to “build the ultimate web insider’s network.”

Scale: 1.5/3 | Quality: .75/3

Remote jobs

1. We Work Remotely

If you are the sole marketer, growth hacker, or content creator on your team or if you don’t mind interacting with the team over videochat, checking out the jobs at We Work Remotely is a good place for you. They are the largest community online for remote jobs with over 2,500,000 monthly visitors.

Scale: .5/3 | Quality: 1/3

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job board for remote, flexible timing, or freelance work. They hand screen all of the positions on the site to ensure they are high quality and real. They offer a lot of marketing positions for people looking to work remotely or looking for shorter term projects.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 3/3

3. is a resource for companies that are looking to hire remote workers. You can filter their job board for marketing jobs and review a variety of opportunities. They also have a technology specific jobs newsletter so you can get new openings sent right to you.

Scale: 1/3 | Quality: .5/3

4. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a job board for people looking for remote jobs in the digital space. They have over 1500 marketing positions. You can search by category or by further narrowing down your search. You can also sign up for their newsletter and get marketing openings directly in your inbox.

Scale: 2/3 | Quality: 1.5/3

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