Tech Talent South bootcamp review

Hi, I’m Elle! I work as a product designer at Getaround and as an industry mentor here at Pathrise. I help our fellows land great jobs in product design through technical workshops and 1-on-1s. Check out my review of Tech Talent South.

What does Tech Talent South do?

Tech Talent South is a tech bootcamp with live online courses, as well as onsite options. They have campuses in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Antonio, and other cities.

They offer a variety of part-time and full-time courses in software engineering, web development, UX design, and data science. Courses meet for 6-40 hours per week and take 3-8 weeks to complete. Students choose from programs such as JavaScript app development, data science, intro to web design, code immersion (Java or Ruby), UX design for beginners, and big data analytics. 

Before the first day of class, students must complete the required self-paced pre-work, which is available online. They participate in live lectures (not recorded), workshops, hands-on assignments, pair programming sessions, and optional office hours. In these, they can meet with their instructors 1-on-1. 

The bootcamp helps onsite students connect with the local tech scene and launch their careers. Online students network use the Tech Talent Slack Channel, as well as participate in online meetups, to network and interact with companies and their peers. Students have the opportunity to attend guest lectures, company tours, and networking events with small startups, as well as more established companies. The career services team provides resume and LinkedIn profile reviews.

Who is Tech Talent South for?

People with no experience in software engineering, web dev, UX design, or data science can benefit from Tech Talent South. Their classes are for beginners who are looking to launch tech careers in the cities where the bootcamp offers in-person instruction. 

What does Tech Talent South cost? How much work is involved?

Tuition for Tech Talent South courses ranges from $2,200 for big data analytics and UX design for beginners to $6,750 for the full-time code immersion (Java or Ruby) programs.

Candidates who pay most or all of their tuition upfront are eligible for discounts ranging from $240-$675. Otherwise, people can pay their tuition in 12 monthly installments. The first installment is due when they enroll, while the remaining payments begin on the first day of class.

To be considered for partial scholarships, candidates fill out a brief online application. They write short essay questions and include their LinkedIn & Twitter accounts, as well as an optional video story. While anyone can apply for partial scholarships, Tech Talent South also offers exclusive scholarships for women, veterans, and people from diverse backgrounds. 

To apply to the bootcamp, candidates fill out a brief online application and submit it along with their LinkedIn account. After applying, they complete an informational call with the admissions team to help them determine whether or not they are a good fit with the program. 

Ratings and reviews

Online reviews of Tech Talent South are mixed, but skewed towards positive. They are on SwitchUp’s 2020 list of best coding bootcamps. 

People on CourseReport commended the bootcamp’s affordability, scholarship program, and career support. As one grad pointed out, “Their classes are a bit more affordable than other options, and shorter, so students can combine the coursework that they need while still potentially holding down a full-time job. Tech Talent South is also generous with scholarship options, which makes this program more accessible to nontraditional students.” Another grad said, “Our community organizers were really supportive in resume building by reviewing with in-depth feedback.”

Praising the bootcamp’s career services, one Reddit user said that they enjoyed the company tours and guest lectures: “One thing that Tech Talent South does that I think is great is put you in front of local tech companies. They arrange tours of other businesses, have guest lectures come and talk to you. You get to see what it would be like to work for some of the local places.”

While most SwitchUp reviewers reported benefiting from the hands-on curriculum, others were disappointed with the pacing of the courses. As a  reviewer pointed out, “In our course the material was good, but it was hard to grasp harder concepts because of how fast we moved on to the next topic.” One grad described the curriculum as “sloppy” and “in most cases difficult to understand.”

Alternatives to Tech Talent South

If Tech Talent South does not suit your learning goals or career objectives, there are a number of other bootcamps and online resources that can help you launch your career in tech.

More alternatives
  • Although some basic math skills are required, Metis offers introductory data analytics courses with a project-based curriculum. Students can learn online or in-person at one of their city campuses. Learn more about Metis in our review.
  • For current and aspiring data scientists, DataCamp and Dataquest offer individual courses, as well as in-depth tracks.
  • Similarly, 365 Data Science is a low-cost and low commitment option to learn data fundamentals.
  • If you prefer in-person classes, check out Magnimind or Principal Analytics Prep, which have full-time and part-time data science courses.
  • In the same vein, FourthBrain has part-time, online machine learning courses.
  • Nucamp is a software engineering and web dev bootcamp with in-person and online options. Like Tech Talent South, they have campuses in Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, and New Orleans. 
  • You can also check out Boise CodeWorks, which is a full-time, in-person coding bootcamp. Or, consider Covalence, a self-paced, online software engineering bootcamp.
  • Codecademy is one of the most popular coding programs online. They provide free courses on many different programming languages. They also offer membership options ranging from $20 to $40. Learn more about Codecademy in our review.
  • You can also check out Bubble no-code bootcamps to learn how to make products without coding. Learn more about Bubble in our review.
  • Udacity and Springboard are online learning platforms with courses in web development, software engineering, data science, and more. Learn more about Udacity and Springboard by reading our program reviews. 
  • Similarly, people can use online learning tools such as Coursera and Udemy to brush up on the basics or advance their current skills.
  • Finally, edX is one of the most popular online learning platforms. They have courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT as well as big tech companies like Microsoft. Learn more about edX in our review. 

How does Tech Talent South compare to Pathrise?

Tech Talent South is a tech bootcamp that helps people develop the necessary skills to land a job as a software engineer, web developer, data scientist, or UX designer from scratch. Fellows in the Pathrise program should have prior experience in their field of interest so that they can fully benefit from our technical workshops, where we provide a more specific curriculum based on what they will see in their interviews. 

At Pathrise, we help our fellows land the best job possible. Our mentors have years of experience on both sides of the hiring table and provide 1-on-1 assistance on every component of the job search, including resume & portfolio building, cold emailing & reverse recruiting strategies, behavioral interview preparation, salary negotiation, and more. Fellows learn lifelong skills that can be beneficial in future job searches as well. 

All of our workshops and sessions are live, as well as recorded, so job-seekers in our program can review past material and keep learning. Our program is flexible, with only 2-4 hours of group sessions per week and 1-on-1 sessions that can be scheduled as needed by fellows. We tailor our curriculum to meet each fellow’s specific needs. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that helps people land their dream job in tech through 1-on-1 mentorship. If you are interested in working with any of our mentors to get help with your technical and behavioral interviews or any other aspect of the job search, join Pathrise. 

Apply today.

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