Startups Are Hiring Talent From Big Companies Due to Tech Layoffs

The post-pandemic tech bubble has finally burst. In 2022, layoffs have affected more than 88,000 tech workers, with top companies like Google, Netflix, and Twitter accounting for an outsized portion of the shed jobs. With highly sought-after positions at FAANG companies increasingly inaccessible, early- and mid-stage tech startups have entered the breach to scoop up newly available talent.

Professionals in the early stages of their careers can benefit tremendously from the freedom and opportunities afforded by startups. Working at a tech startup brings unique challenges and opportunities.

Worlds Apart

Startups operate in a fundamentally different sphere from big tech companies like Google or Facebook. Processes are less defined, hierarchies more fluid, and workers have more significant opportunities to make a difference outside of rigid bureaucratic protocols.

While big tech offers big opportunities to make a difference with some of the most popular websites and software on the planet, startups give workers the chance to come in on the ground floor. Startups attract dreamers and doers. Tech workers in the early stages of their careers can use the freedom offered by a startup position to pick up new skills and responsibilities that will help them grow into their next position.

Culture Differences

Compared to the rigid environment of more established tech companies, startups represent fluid environments. Loosely defined roles and the opportunity to wear many hats may prove enticing for individuals who want to make a difference by taking initiative and ownership of their work.

Results-oriented workers thrive in small startups. By a similar token, if anything other than clearly defined tasks and roles gives you a headache, a startup may not be the right fit for you.

Risks for Mid-Career Professionals

There’s no denying that working at a startup brings with it unique risks. Aside from the long hours and expansive responsibilities, the possibility that the company will go under represents an ever-present threat.

Furthermore, individuals with specialized skill sets hoping to climb the corporate ladder into a clearly defined senior role may find their ambitions stymied. While startups are fantastic environments for junior tech workers to grow their careers, limited spaces at the top of the totem pole may deter mid-career professionals from throwing in with a startup.

The Post-Layoff Job Market

Don’t let big tech layoffs dash your professional dreams. While the hiring landscape has changed considerably in the past year, the demand for strong candidates remains high among startups and smaller businesses. Last year’s red-hot job market left many startups on the sidelines as big tech companies scooped up well-qualified candidates. Now that hiring has tapered off at the upper end of the spectrum, many startups are making their move.

Consider using the flexibility offered by a startup to grow your career with new challenges, skills, and responsibilities.

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