Pathrise opens an operations management track

Want to work in operations management? Pathrise has opened a new operations management track to help you launch your career. Before 2022, we had focused on helping people land tech jobs. We had to turn away plenty of applications from aspiring operations management professionals. Now that we’ve onboarded operations management mentors with a tested curriculum, we’re thrilled to help people land their dream job in this in-demand field.

Rather than a course that teaches operations management skills, we offer career mentorship and interview prep. Fellows fill in any gaps in technical knowledge through technical workshops on specific skills and technologies.

The operations management program is remote and flexible. Fellows have about 10 hours of work per week, with 1-on-1 meetings scheduled as needed. Expert mentors help fellows optimize their resumes, perfect their online profiles, source opportunities, and network as effectively as possible. Fellows also participate in rigorous mock interview sessions and meet weekly for reflections to improve after real interviews. Optional workshops are also available to develop specific skills to succeed in operations management and talent.

Fellows participate in workshops to ace interviews and master key technical skills. As an operations manager, you will need to collect and use operational data within your company to increase efficiency. Our workshops will not only cover these data skills, but also how to show off these data skills in an interview. We also take fellows through each phase of a typical “case” interview, as well as common interview questions that will almost certainly be asked. Fellows can wow interviewers when they seem to know the interview questions before they’re even asked.

We offer a job guarantee, so fellows pay nothing unless they land a great operations management job. Our operations management mentors hail from top companies like Gap, Spotify, and Pfizer. One of our newest mentors, Rashmi Texidor, began her career in software engineering where she built custom Products for Dow Jones before transitioning into product and operations management. After 15 years, she again transitioned – this time starting her own Program and Project Management Consulting practice, working with companies like Pfizer, J&J, and Abbott. Now when Rashmi is not helping fellow, she is the Director of Business Operations at a small tech company. So far, fellows have been placed at top companies like Gap, PWC, and Amazon.

Even though job-seekers generally understand that starting salary shapes lifetime earnings, few even try to negotiate a higher salary. Negotiation can be intimidating. Although negotiation is totally normal and expected, candidates may fear that negotiation will sour employers’ opinion of them, or even get their offer retracted. Some fellows want to negotiate their salary, but fall into a “gotcha” question during the interview process that makes negotiation difficult later on.

Our mentors handle the entire negotiation process. On average, we increase fellows salary 10-20% through negotiation alone. We’ve never had a fellow’s offer retracted.

If you would like to work 1-on-1 with any one of our expert mentors to land your dream job in operations management at your dream salary, join Pathrise. We offer a 2-week free trial so you can see if the program is a good fit without committing.

Apply today.

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