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Hi, I’m Sam! I have been a product manager for yearsNow I work as an industry mentor for the product, strategy, and operations track at Pathrise. I help people land their dream job through technical training and 1-on-1 mentorship. Check out my review of Linky Product.

What does Linky Product do?

Linky Product offers bootcamps, live workshops, self-directed training, and coaching to help people become a product manager. Their program is entirely remote and mostly self-paced. 

The flagship 9-week bootcamp includes 9 live workshops, a self-paced training course, and 2 coaching sessions. In addition to recorded lectures and live workshops, students get practical examples, templates, and diagrams they can use on the job and in the job search. Students also get access to a Slack channel where they can chat with Linky Product coaches and get support.

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While the live workshops and self-paced training course combine to form the bootcamp, they can be taken separately. The self-paced training course is open to anyone. The curriculum is divided into 9 “modules” that cover different PM topics, mostly through recorded lectures. In the first modules, students develop a product mindset, learn the duties of different product roles, master the product life cycle phases, and prepare for the product delivery process. Then, it becomes more practical as students develop product business canvases, create personas, prep for interviews, and work with an Airbnb product example. Next, module 5 focuses on benchmark analysis, value curves, product differentiation, user journeys, wireframes, mockups, and user tests. Students even participate in product business canvas reviews and prepare to take stakeholder feedback on the job.

After that, module 6 covers success metrics as students work with OKRs, KPIs, AARRR frameworks, and a hands-on Uber example. The curriculum then focuses on building products in an iterative way with prioritization, RICE scoring frameworks, user story maps, and minimal viable products. Module 8 covers product delivery with Agile methodology. Finally, the 9th and final module focuses on soft professional skills such as communication, stakeholder engagement, conflict management, empathy, and effective teamwork.


Workshops meet live for about 2 hours on Google Meet. Cohorts are small. Therefore, the 8 attendees get lots of personal support from an expert coach. Workshops consist of 4-5 exercises delivered using the Miro whiteboard tool. Attendees create product strategies, build product roadmaps, identify a product’s market-fit, develop MVPs, and even work with UX. In addition, workshops also cover PM best practices and popular tools, building on the training course curriculum with practical examples. After the workshop ends, all the material is sent to attendees as a PDF to review on their own.

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On the other hand, coaching sessions are completely personalized and last 30 minutes. Coaches often help set up product tools, write resumes, optimize online profiles, or prepare for interviews. 

Who is Linky Product for?

People with little to no experience in product management who are looking to get their PM careers off the ground could benefit from Linky Product. The self-paced training course is especially helpful for people with full-time jobs who are seeking a short, self-directed program. 

What does Linky Product cost? How much work is involved?

The bootcamp course costs $2,400 and includes 9 live workshops, a full self-paced training course, 2 live coaching sessions, and weekly emails outlining goals. However, students can buy the self-paced training course separately for $599, which includes access to the Slack channel for extra support.

The admissions process begins with a brief online application form. Then, candidates move on to a final 30-minute behavioral interview. No prior technical experience is required. 

Ratings and reviews

As a new program, Linky Product does not have many online reviews. However, their 9-week bootcamp was included among Course Report’s list of product management bootcamps. In addition, they have recently co-hosted free webinars with larger bootcamps such as Le Wagon. Their founder has also been featured in tech blogs such as Unito.

Alternatives to Linky Product   

If you decide not to enroll in Linky Product’s bootcamp, there are a number of other resources and bootcamps to help you launch a product management career. 

  • The product management bootcamp Product School teaches full-time and part-time courses with career support and weekly mentoring. Plus, grads can get formal certificates to help them land a job.
  • Similarly, Product Academia offers full-time and part-time PM courses with formal certificates for grads. Their focus is on helping women start new careers as product managers.
  • Product managers with a few years of experience can check out Product Faculty. Their part-time online bootcamp helps students accelerate their careers. Students get access to their Slack community, 1-on-1 career mentorship, and even advanced product management (APM)(R) certificates that they can add to their resumes upon graduation.
  • A product management community with 150,000+ members, Mind the Product offers workshops and networking events to help aspiring product managers launch their careers.
  • Another product management association is Product Gym. They offer training, job support, and networking opportunities for aspiring product managers.
  • The popular bootcamp General Assembly teaches full-time, part-time, and 1-day courses on a variety of tech topics including product management. Their program features 19,000+ hiring partners, hands-on projects, and a 91.4% job placement rate. Learn more about General Assembly in our review.
  • Another tech bootcamp that teaches product management is BrainStation. Students build product management projects, participate in professional development, and get access to over a thousand hiring partners like Google and Facebook.
  • The Menon Labs fellowship helps people learn the skills to get a job in web dev, data, and product management.
More alternatives
  • Students seeking a remote program can check out Thinkful, which has a 6 month online, part-time course in product management. Their curriculum includes live classes, PM projects, and 1-on-1 mentoring.
  • Similarly, GrowthX Academy is an online tech bootcamp. They offer courses in product management, UX design, growth marketing, sales, and business development. Likewise School16 teaches marketing, product management, and sales. Beginners can also check out Dorm, which helps people get into startups.
  • Students seeking university courses can check out Coursera. This online learning platform hosts both free and paid courses on topics like product management taught by professors at accredited universities.
  • Likewise, another affordable platform for university learning is edX. They offer both free and paid courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT, plus big tech companies like Microsoft. Students can choose to learn the fundamentals or dive deeper into specific topics, like Agile systems for product management. Read more about edX in our review.
  • Finally, people looking for a hands-on PM program with mentoring can check out Udacity. Their platform offers both free and paid self-paced courses on product strategy, design, and launch. Students in their “nanodegree” programs work with technical mentors and career mentors as they build polished product management projects. Find out if Udacity is right for you in our review.
  • You can also check out Bubble no-code bootcamps to learn how to make products without coding. Learn more about Bubble in our review.

How does Linky Product compare to Pathrise?

Linky Product offers bootcamps, live workshops, self-paced training courses, and coaching to current and aspiring product managers. While their bootcamp’s curriculum covers key professional skills students can use during their job search and includes 2 career coaching sessions, they do not actually help students through their job search. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with people on each phase of the job search. Fellows work 1-on-1 with experienced mentors on resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, technical and behavioral interview skills, and much more. We have already helped 1,000+ students and professionals land great tech jobs. 

Like Linky Product, our program is flexible. Fellows in our program only have 2-4 hours of group sessions per week and can schedule 1-on-1s as needed. The Pathrise income share agreement (ISA) means that fellows don’t pay anything until they land a job they love and start working. We never require upfront payments or deposits.

Pathrise optimizes the job search through 1-on-1 mentoring. With our guidance and training, fellows in our program can see their interview scores double and their application responses triple. If you want to land your dream job sooner, join Pathrise. 

Apply today.

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