Body Language Tips for Your Next Interview

It’s the day of the interview, and you are covered in a nervous sweat. We’ve all been there. Interviews are stressful occasions where the spotlight is on you from the moment you walk into the building. Few people are used to that amount of attention, yet they have to make a good impression when that spotlight is on.

1. First Impression Matters

Yes, it is essential to make a good first impression with the hiring manager and anyone else in the room where it happens, but your interview starts from the moment you walk in the building. Treat everyone respectfully and hold yourself confidently (even when you feel anything but confident) when you talk to the receptionist, assistants, and anyone else who crosses your path. Do not hunch over your phone at any point in the interview process. That closes you off, giving the impression that you don’t really want to be there.

2. Perfect Your Routine

It is tempting to pick out a new outfit for the big day. New shoes, new suit, new tie, new you, right? Well, yes, but that’s not always a good thing. It always happens in the middle of the interview when you should focus. Something starts to itch or becomes devastatingly uncomfortable. Shifting around in your seat because your clothing is uncomfortable is a bad look in your interview, especially if it takes away your focus. Do not wear a new outfit for your next interview. Go with something reliable.

3. Eye Contact is Essential

You’ve probably heard this one before, but that doesn’t detract from its importance. Eye contact exudes confidence and is the foundation for making connections. Steady eye contact increases the chances that your interviewer will remember you and have a positive impression when you walk out of the building. You seem interested when you make eye contact during a conversation, but there is a step too far. Do break eye contact now and again. Look at the notepad in front of you from time to time. Constant eye contact quickly becomes unsettling. Do make eye contact with new people in the interview. Do break it at appropriate times

4. Your Posture is Important, too

Posture gives us a subconscious clue into the mind of everyone around us. Someone sitting with a straight back and relaxed shoulders seems confident and engaged, while slouching in your chair makes it look like you are too comfortable. Tie your posture to the environment, as well. A 90-degree angle between the chair and you is good for the most serious jobs, but getting comfortable in your chair can give off a better message to your interviewer in a startup environment or another laid-back setting.

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