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Best data science bootcamps to learn data science skills

Hi, I’m Olga! I have years of experience in data science, most recently at eBay. Now I work as an industry mentor at Pathrise, helping data scientists land great jobs through technical workshops and 1-on-1s. Check out my article with the best data science bootcamps.

Aspiring data scientists often turn to bootcamps to launch their careers. Bootcamps offer a practical curriculum that students may not find at university. 

However, bootcamps range wildly in time commitment, price, and outcomes. Some bootcamps are just starting out while others have been around for decades. To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of the best data science bootcamps so you can find the right one for your goals.

Photo of best data science bootcamps

1. BrainStation

BrainStation is a popular bootcamp that offers data science and data analytics courses. Students learn to analyze and visualize real world data sets using Python and other in-demand data science tools. Their online program lasts about 12 weeks and their on-campus course lasts 10 weeks. Both cost about $3,150. Their courses feature a project-based curriculum and lots of 1-on-1 support. Students build polished data science portfolio projects, participate in professional development, and have access to over 1,000 hiring partners including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many more.

2. General Assembly

One of the best data science bootcamps is General Assembly. They have had 11,000+ confirmed student hires. The program boasts hiring partners like Apple, IBM, and Amazon. Students learn to model and analyze data using in-demand technology while building projects they can add to their portfolios. The 12-week full-time program costs about $14,000. Alternatively, tuition for their part-time program is $3,500. A remote, online option is also available for $1,250. Students in the full-time course work with career coaches to polish their resumes and prepare for interviews. Read more about General Assembly in our review.

3. Insight

The postdoctoral fellowship Insight bridges the gap between academia and the tech industry. Since students already have a strong background in data science, the 7-week bootcamp focuses on projects, specifically working with real data sets and on-the-job tasks. Students receive hands-on mentorships from alumni. Many end up interviewing with top companies. Full tuition is $24,000. A 12% income share agreement (ISA) is also available so students only start paying when they land a job paying more than $100k. 

4. Byte Academy

Byte Academy has a 26-week part-time course for aspiring data scientists. Students learn to extract meaningful patterns from data using Python and other in-demand data tools. The program includes lectures, hands-on projects, and an internship for grads to practice their new skills and build their resumes before the job search. Tuition is $14,950 for both remote and on-campus options.

5. Thinkful

Aspiring data scientists seeking 1-on-1 mentoring and project-based learning can check out Thinkful. Their bootcamp offers part-time and full-time data science courses, teaching students to analyze and visualize data. They offer specializations in advanced NLP, deep learning, time series, network analysis, biostatistics, economics, and more. Students graduate with polished data science portfolios. An income share agreement (ISA) is available for the $18,550 tuition. If students don’t land a tech job that pays more than $40k after graduation, the cost of the program is refunded.

6. Metis

Metis is a 12-week data science bootcamp that teaches students the ins and outs of data analytics, machine learning, linear regression, databases, statistics, and more. Students build over 5 polished data science projects for their portfolio. The course focuses on live, immersive instruction. Tuition is about $17,000 for the full-time bootcamp and $750 for a bootcamp prep course. Learn more about Metis in our review.

7. NYC Data Academy

NYC Data Academy is a self-paced bootcamp for aspiring data scientists and data analysts. The curriculum covers both R and Python with machine learning, data analytics, and data visualization. Students build over 4 polished data science portfolio projects based on real-world data sets. The full bootcamp costs $17,600. Alternatively, people can take individual courses, which range in price from $1,435 to $2,800. Their career services include 1-on-1 resume reviews, interview prep, and networking opportunities with their hiring partners like Spotify, Nvidia, and Accenture.

8. DataCamp

The data science resource DataCamp offers over 300 courses on a variety of data science subjects. Students get hands-on experience with Python, R, and SQL. They also get to work on projects that address real-world problems. Courses last about 4 hours. The platform uses a subscription model. People can choose to pay $25 per month or $150 annually.

9. Springboard

Springboard is an educational resource that helps people launch a career in tech. They’re well known for their data science programs, which teach students to use Python, SQL, Pandas, and other in demand technologies to visualize and analyze data. Students in the data science career track also work on machine learning, statistical inference, large scale data manipulation, and more. The curriculum is hands-on. Students build 14 data science projects they can add to their portfolios. They meet 1-on-1 with an experienced data science mentor every week. The program also includes a job guarantee. If students don’t land a great data science job within 6 months of graduating, they get a full refund. Learn more about Springboard in our review.

10. Coursera 

Another lower-cost option is Coursera. They have free data science courses taught by professors at accredited universities. Their online courses feature recorded lectures, hands-on assignments, and community discussion forums. While most of the courses are free, students can also pay for an exam that earns them a “Coursera Verified Certificate” that they can add to their LinkedIn and resume.

11. Udacity 

Udacity offers self-paced courses for aspiring data scientists. Most of their introductory courses are totally free, but their full “nanodegree” program costs $599-$1,199. Students in the data science nanodegree program learn data manipulation, visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more. They work with real-life data sets, creating polished portfolios to impress employers. Every student is paired with an industry mentor to guide them through the program and answer any questions. Students also get access to a career coach who helps them prepare for the job search through resume review, interview prep, and portfolio reviews. Read more about Udacity in our review.

Using this list of the best data science bootcamps, you should be well on your way to learning the skills needed to land a great data science job.

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