Photo of a review of Gymnasium as a product design online resource

A review of Gymnasium as a product design online resource

What does Gymnasium do?

Hosting a variety of free articles, tutorials, and webinars, Gymnasium is a free online product design resource with courses in UX/UI design, web design & development, and content creation. Students pick and choose from courses that cover the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as design fundamentals, including user research, wireframing & prototyping, user testing, and more. They also offer skill courses on specific topics such as grid layout in bootstrap, creating a WordPress theme, Sketch for UX/UI designers, Git & GitHub, prototyping with Axure, and more. 

Industry experts teach courses that focus on the most up-to-date tools and technologies. Students watch 1-6 hours of recorded lectures per class and participate in quizzes, assignments, and a final exam. All assessments are graded, so students receive feedback and corrections on their work. Those who score 85% or better on the final exam receive a certificate of completion, which they can add to their LinkedIn profile. 

Photo of Gymnasium as a product design online resource

While some support is available from instructors, students are encouraged to post questions related to the course material, homework, or specific concepts on the forum, where teaching assistants and other students discuss challenging topics and answer questions. Besides their courses, Gymnasium also provides articles, tutorials, and podcasts that offer tips for resume and portfolio building, interview preparation, networking, salary negotiation, and more. 

Who is Gymnasium for?

Current and aspiring designers and web developers can benefit from the lessons curated by Gymnasium. Their short courses are good resources for those who are looking to brush up on the basics, advance their current skills, and learn new tools.

What does Gymnasium cost? How much work is involved?

Gymnasium classes are free. To register, candidates must create an account with their LinkedIn or email address. Once they sign up, students can enroll in any course and keep track of their progress via the Gymnasium dashboard. 

Ratings and reviews

While there are not too many reviews of Gymnasium online, they are frequently featured on lists of best courses and resources for web development and UX/UI design. On Reddit, one user said that “If you’re a complete beginner and want to learn web development then these courses would be a great start.” UX Planet included Gymnasium on their list of the 56 best websites to learn something new. Similarly, a Medium blogger added Gymnasium to her list of the 30 best online course websites to learn UI/UX design, noting that they “offer free online courses designed to teach creative professionals in-demand skills.” 

Alternatives to Gymnasium

If you are looking for alternative courses and resources to learn product design, check out the following list.  

  • Udacity, which has a variety of free and paid resources, offers a UX design nanodegree program that teaches students the fundamentals of design. 
  • Another option is Springboard, a popular online education tool with courses in UX and UI design for people looking to brush up on the basics or advance their current skills.
  • Udemy and Coursera are also online learning platforms with courses in UX design. Those interested in a more thorough course can check out Coursera’s specialized program in UX design, which helps students learn product design from scratch.
  • A weekly newsletter, HackDesign sends design lessons to your inbox for free, which can benefit product designers at any level.
  • Those interested in online bootcamps with tracks in product design can consider enrolling in Skillcrush, Designlab, or Bloc
  • Similarly, Flatiron School and Lamba School have tracks in UX design, as well as other subjects.

How does Gymnasium compare to Pathrise?

Gymnasium is an online product design resource, with classes for people who are interested in learning a completely new tool or furthering their knowledge in web development and UX/UI design. While they offer some job-seeking resources, they do not provide 1-on-1 support or feedback on resumes or online profiles. 

Pathrise is a full service organization that helps product designers land the best job possible. Our mentors work 1-on-1 with fellows at every stage of the job search, including resume and portfolio building, behavioral and technical interview prep, salary negotiation, and more. 

Advancing technical skills is a key component of landing a job as a product designer, so fellows in our program should feel free to use Gymnasium, as well as our technical workshops, to further their design knowledge.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. If you are interested in optimizing your job search by working with a mentor, become a Pathrise fellow.

Apply today.

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