10 companies hiring designers during Coronavirus

The job search is already difficult. Adding in an economic and health crisis like COVID-19 can make it feel completely overwhelming. We work with job-seekers every day, so we understand the frustrations and fears that you are feeling. In order to help, we compiled a list of 10 companies still hiring designers during the Coronavirus as of April 15th, 2020. We’ve also included tips that will help you move forward in the applications and interviews. 

You should expect that the hiring processes will likely be slower than usual. Companies are learning to navigate the switch to remote interviewing and onboarding. Remember to be patient and polite throughout your interactions with the recruiter and teams, even if you are stressed out or nervous.

Companies hiring designers during Coronavirus


If you are a designer looking to work on a variety of projects for different companies, an agency might be a good option. AKQA is a marketing agency that is hiring aggressively for their teams. Because their list of clients is so diverse, they are continuing their work throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Spend time optimizing your design portfolio and then check out all of their openings on their website.

Photo of companies hiring designers - AKQA

2. MasterClass

As more people find themselves furloughed or laid off because of Coronavirus, they are looking to fill their time and advance their skills. So, online learning platforms like MasterClass are continuing to hire rapidly to create new content, develop new tools, and meet the increase in demand. They have a few senior-level product design openings for job-seekers with more experience. If you are looking to optimize your resume before applying, check out our important tips for your product design resume (and adaptable template) and see their open positions on their careers page.

3. Coinbase

The COVID-19 crisis has led to uncertain economic times and an unreliable stock market. That means, more people are considering cryptocurrency as an alternative option. Coinbase is a platform where people can buy, sell, and manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. They are hiring for senior and junior level product designers to meet growing demand for their services. Review our guide to learn about their mission so you can get a job at Coinbase and see their latest open positions on their website. 

4. Red Ventures

Red Ventures is a portfolio of digital companies. So, employees get the opportunity to work on a variety of brands and teams. They are continuing to hire so they can support their clients. They have a number of design positions available in the US and abroad. Learn more about their hiring processes in our guide to getting a job at Red Ventures and review all of their open positions on their website.

5. Audible

Acquired by Amazon in 2008, Audible is the largest producer of audiobooks in the world. They create unique content and bring in storytellers to narrate traditional books. As more people are spending time at home, there has been an increase in Audible subscriptions. The company is hiring to meet the growing demand. Practice product design technical interview questions using our list from top tech companies and then find your perfect role on their jobs page

6. Duolingo

As shelter in place ordinances continue through the weeks, people are looking for new ways to fill their time. Many people are trying to learn new things and be productive during this crisis. That’s why platforms like Duolingo, which teaches languages, are growing in use. They are actively hiring for many design roles including interns, entry level, and senior positions. See the openings on their careers page.

Photo of companies hiring designers - Duolingo

7. McKesson

McKesson is a healthcare company that is working to improve the patient experience. Due to COVID-19, they are growing rapidly. They have many open design roles, so that they can continue to pursue their mission and help as many people as possible efficiently and safely. Prepare for your interviews by reviewing their mission and values in our guide to getting a job at McKesson. Then, check out the new positions on their jobs page.

8. PayPal

Confirmed by CEO and internal team members, PayPal is continuing to hire despite the Coronavirus. The company has a fair number of junior and senior level product, UX, and content designing roles open currently on both the PayPal and Venmo teams. Prepare by going over these 5 product design interview questions and answers and then check out their open positions.

9. IBM

One of the first tech companies, IBM is continuing to build high quality products and services for a variety of needs. Perhaps most well known for their supercomputer Watson, IBM is making use of their resources and products to help battle Coronavirus by providing tracking and information to doctors and patients alike. To continue this work, they are hiring for a number of design roles. Learn about the company in our guide to landing a job at IBM and check out their openings here.

Photo of companies hiring designers - IBM

10. PlanGrid

Now part of Autodesk, PlanGrid is an app meant for construction workers and engineers to use in the field. When the company was acquired, their software joined forces with the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Even though some construction projects are on hold, PlanGrid and Autodesk are continuing to hire aggressively to design and build improvements and new products. Review the Autodesk and PlanGrid mission and values in our how to get a job at Autodesk guide and then look at their openings here.

The above list of companies hiring designers should help you narrow down your search so you can hopefully find a role new role quickly.

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