X-Ray searching Twitter

By searching Twitter bios, you can find Designers and Recruiters to message for informational interviews and networking. It’s often more accessible than LinkedIn and design professionals are frequently ready and willing to provide help.

Replace what’s in the [brackets] in the following template:
site:twitter.com tweets "[Role/Title]" "[@company or company name]" -inurl:careers -inurl:status -intitle:jobs

This example with company twitter handle finds several pages of designers at Airbnb
site:twitter.com tweets "design" "@airbnb" -inurl:careers -inurl:status -intitle:jobs

Try with the company name as well:
site:twitter.com tweets "design" "airbnb" -inurl:careers -inurl:status -intitle:jobs

Or for recruiters:
site:twitter.com tweets "design recruiter" -inurl:careers -inurl:status -intitle:jobs


Twitter is one of the underestimated tools for recruitment, especially by new-grads. Twitter sometimes sees opening earlier than LinkedIn does. Thanks for the code.