Word-based resumes instead of PDF

There’s something I’m not sure of making my resume pass initial screening by using a Word format of my resume instead of a PDF.

I came across this article today, and it talks about why the black hole exists: employees are using applicant tracking systems where they automatically reject people who don’t satisfy the requirements of the role.

P.S. Why can’t there be a template to answer back a job application at all?

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We always recommend that you submit your resume as a pdf because otherwise, your resume formatting might become wonky when parsed. This is especially true if companies are using applicant tracking systems, but it is also generally an issue for Word docs. Saving and submitting as a pdf protects you from worrying about this. Still, you should avoid over-designing your resume and you should definitely not use special characters or funky bullet points because they make your resume more difficult for computers and people to read.