What's the best way to respond to a hiring manager who reaches out to you via LinkedIn?

I received a LinkedIn message from a hiring manager saying that his company is looking for a designer. I’m interested in learning more about the position and the company, but I was wondering what’s the best way to reply, e.g. Should I suggest a time to chat on the phone? Should I research the company a bit and reply like I would in a cold email? Or is it enough to simply say I’m interested and wait for him to reply with more info?

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Hi @aepeng, great question! The response here can be a little more personal based on your exact situation (where you are in processes, potential closeness to the hiring manager, etc) but in general, a short, enthusiastic response back is ideal. Something along the lines of:

Hi {Hiring Manager}, thanks for reaching out! I’m definitely interested in learning more about the {Designer} role for {Company}. I’m very excited about the {clean energy space}, and would love to learn more about how {Company} is {doing something specific in that space}.

A reply here on LinkedIn or via email (email@email) would be great! Or if communication via phone is easiest, my number is {123-456-7890}.

And for reference, my portfolio with all my past industry work is here: {link to portfolio}

Thanks again, excited to hear back shortly!

Some key points here:

  • You make it immediately clear you are interested
  • You’ve researched the company before responding, and added in some specifics to highlight that (while at the same time, showing an excitement for what they’re building)
  • You’ve given multiple ways to respond (others have different opinions here on what may be best, and we can see what has worked best for others, but different hiring managers respond via different mediums, so I like to include options for them to make it easier)
  • You’ve thrown in a quick link to your highlight your work (words like ‘industry’ can also help here)
  • You can also sometimes just include the link in your signature

With all this, you will be maximizing your chances of a response, but even so, following up is going to be huge, and will be just as important as this initial message back.

Hope that helps!


Wow thanks for the thorough answer, Brian! Really appreciate all the little tips. They help a ton! I’ll keep all these things in mind when I reply. :blush:

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