What is high quality content? What is TOFU-MOFU-BOFU and how do I explain this in context of high quality content?

Examples of high quality content include webinars, blogs (including guest posts from other professionals), podcasts, white papers, and more. You want to make sure that you are using best SEO practices in all of your content.

ToFu-MoFu-BoFu refers to the marketing funnel. It stands for “Top of the funnel” - “Middle of the Funnel” - “Bottom of the Funnel.” For ToFu, you are aiming at your wide audience. Your content should be more general, as you are not likely to convert users into customers just yet. For the MoFu stage, you should be creating content for your targeted audience. They may be ready to buy. For BoFu, you will have a narrow audience that is ready to buy.

ToFu: blog and social media posts, infographics, videos and podcasts, newsletters, white papers
BoFu: education resources, webinars, surveys, downloads, promotional materials
BoFu: case studies, demos and trials, consultations, customer stories, events

You want to be able to explain the different stages of the user journey, as well as the funnel. You should be able to identify what kind of content goes in each stage. The top tells us about the problem that your product is trying to solve. The bottom tells us why your product stands out. As a product or growth marketer, you are responsible for designing the funnel’s architecture. While they make the decision about where to go, you create the flow of the funnel.

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