What are some of the best networking strategies?

So I stumbled upon this LinkedIn post about following up with recruiters.

I am curious to hear about what has been some of your most effective strategies for networking and for following up with recruiters/hiring managers after submitting a job application.

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My fellows have seen success in a few ways:

  • Brief emails/LinkedIn messages (nothing too long or redundant, but straight to the point)
  • Clear asks (I’m interested in learning more about X position. Would love to connect with you and discuss my fit with this opportunity.)
  • Friendly and casual tone (Insert a nice greeting: It’s nice to e-meet you! OR I hope you are staying safe!)
  • Attaching resume AND clearly identifying how they are an excellent fit for the role by tying in an example with key impact metrics to demonstrate the skills they say they have
  • Following up at least once and up to 3 times (Just a brief response to your original message is sufficient)

In addition to following up on applications, some have seen success with networking on LinkedIn by drafting a public post about their job search by following the guidance in our blog post here: https://www.pathrise.com/guides/how-to-write-a-linkedin-post-that-will-get-you-a-job/

A couple have gotten phone screen opportunities because their LinkedIn post was shared with recruiters who were hiring and their resume was attached to the post!

Thanks Danielle! I am glad I asked. The public post on LinkedIn I have been considering but wasn’t sure if it’s really that effective.