Welcome to the Pathrise Forum! Post Here First!

Welcome to the new Pathrise forum! We’re glad you’re here ! :slight_smile:

To get started, please reply to this post with a short introduction of yourself. And please like :heart: other posts here and in the community to show your appreciation!

Some things to share:

  • Your preferred name
  • Your pronouns (e.g. he/him)
  • Your industry (e.g. marketing)
  • One thing you’re looking forward to - in the job search or just in general
  • What you enjoy (interests, hobbies, etc!)


Hi everyone!

I’m Lizzie (she/her) and I’m on the growth team here at Pathrise! I am looking forward to eventually returning to my favorite restaurants and bars. I enjoy playing tennis and walking my dog, Tommy.

Looking forward to meeting the rest of you and helping you as you embark on your job search!


Hi! I’m Aamna (she/hers), and I’m a Product, Strategy and Ops Mentor, currently working in Strategy & Ops at Intuit.

Outside of work, I love exploring coffee shops, traveling, and baking!

Looking forward to meeting you all and helping you through the job search process!



I’m Stefanie (she/hers) and I’m a Freelance Product Designer. Excited to have just joined Pathrise as a pt design mentor! :raised_hands:

I am looking forward to being able to travel again - I really miss it. Other than travel, I’m into being outdoors, art, comedy, trying to keep my plants alive, diy projects and yoga (teacher certified as of yesterday!).

Excited to get to know more about you and how I can help with your job search. Feel free to book a session to say hi and ask me some questions :slight_smile:

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Hi there! I’m Elliya (she/her), and I’m a career mentor at Pathrise. I mentor job seekers who are looking for roles in Digital Marketing and Product Management!

When I’m not empowering job seekers to tap into their inner confidence and wow interviewers with their stories, I enjoy traveling via train, and really look forward to being able to do that again someday, post-COVID vaccine!

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Hey ya’ll!

I’m Kevin and I’m a new career mentor.

-Spent the last 2 years coaching software engineers at Triplebyte. Worked with more engineers than anyone else in the company. Coached 200+ engineers to their dream jobs.

Now / near future

  • Working with fellows in the SWE track
  • Looking forward to increasing mastery of Top of Funnel stuff (right now, my expertise is in interviewing and negotiation; bottom of funnel)
  • I learned how to play the drums in 2018. Tom Petty’s Stop Dragging My Heart Around is currently my favorite song to play

Hi everyone!

My name is Julia and I’m a new addition to the Pathrise career mentor team! I am excited to help fellows step into the job search process with newfound confidence. :slight_smile:

I’m usually doing something either totally related to self care (taking care of house plants, journaling, stretching, reading a book) or hanging outside in some way, shape, or form (rock climbing, hiking, biking, running).

My most used emojis are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :fire: :two_hearts:

Hi everyone! I am Xinxin! I am a fellow in data. Love to talk with you guys and learn more!

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Hello everyone! I’m Jonathan Dawson (he/him). I’m currently a data fellow. I’m looking forward to interviewing with recruiters. I love to try different foods from anywhere.

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Hi, my name is Siddarth (him/he). I am in the data (primary) and PSO (secondary) track. I am looking for someone to practice mock interviews for an upcoming pm interview.

I love traveling, cooking, and laying sports!

Looking forward to meeting you all and helping you through the job search process!

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Hello :wave:
I’m Sean (he/him), and I’m starting today as a SWE fellow. I’m looking forward to meeting others currently going through a job search, practicing mock interviewing, and geeking out about Rust (my favorite programming language)! :grinning:

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Hi Everyone!

Matt Noesen here (he/him). This is my very first day as a Pathrise fellow–I’m in the product strategy and ops track and REALLY looking forward to this process, as well as meeting/interacting with fellow fellows and everyone else that is a part of this program!

My “industry”… that’s a good question. I had a tough time choosing between the SWE, design, and product strategy pathways thanks to my diverse-but-connected background. I have some experience with startups and high-growth ventures in education tech, and I am fervently passionate about anything that improves the quality of–and access to–education. I also earned an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in 2012, and it concentrated on strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

More recently, I’ve learned a lot about coding, accumulating 4 different certifications in the full-stack development arena: responsive web design, algorithms and data structures, front-end libraries (e.g. Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, MaterialUI, etc.), plus one cert that was a deep-dive into React/Redux. I ended up on the product strategy track in the hopes of getting to leverage all the different, interconnected facets of my education and experience.

One thing I am looking forward to…

This might sound a little cliche, but seeing where this goes! Since I have a semi-unique background, I think there are a number of different ways this could work out well. So I am particularly enthused about seeing where I “fit” best!

Lastly, what I enjoy: I know I already mentioned being a huge supporter of educational innovation and teaching. I also am hopelessly fascinated by physics and cosmology–Quanta magazine, black holes, the Higgs boson, and all that jazz. In fact, I love all things nature–animals, growin’ stuff (especially bonsai trees), and the ocean. My bliss is being on the water–whether that means at the shore or on a boat, and I am hoping to ultimately lead my career in a direction where I might eventually work remotely from somewhere with endless, warm turquoise waters to explore–like Belize, St. Martin, or Curacao to name a few candidates!

I hope to read about and meet (at least virtually) some of the other fellows that are participating in this process. Here’s to a successful program for us all! :slight_smile:

Hi Sean! How are you liking the SWE track so far? I’m starting in product strategy today myself, but it was sort of a tossup between that track and SWE.

Hey Everyone, I’m Malcolm

I’m a part-time marketing mentor specializing in analytics. Looking forward to getting to know and help y’all! Since COVID, you can usually find me playing golf in San Francisco.


Hi, I’m Joo (He/Him)

I’m currently working as a digital product designer at a digital agency.
I’m looking for a product designer (design system) opportunity in San Francisco.
I love to fly drones and shoot videography.

I hope to talk with you guys soon!