I am relatively shy and uncomfortable talking about myself. I feel confident on the phone, but I am nervous about my “onsite” video interview. What can I do to prepare?

To prepare, you should attend meetups and practice introducing yourself to strangers. You should also practice talking about your project (using the industry jargon) casually. You can do this at in-person events or online events. You should also take time to prepare your elevator pitch so that you know what you are going to say when asked to introduce yourself.

You can adapt this elevator pitch template to help you:

Hi, I’m [name]. I graduated from [school] in [year], with a major in [concentration]. I’ve always been interested in working in [field]. [Talk about the reason why]

While I was at school, I spent summers as a [type of] intern at [company or companies]. While working at [specific company or position], I learned a lot about [connection to company you are interviewing with]. [Discuss the rest of your experience – include up to 1-2 other projects/extracurriculars if there is anything especially impressive in terms of leadership or accomplishments].

With my experience and studies, I know I would be a valuable addition to the team, helping make an impact doing [company mission]. [Very briefly explain why that mission is important to you – you will have more time to elaborate on this later so just give a preview].