UX design resume post-bootcamp

I recently completed a design bootcamp, which allowed me to start building my portfolio. However, I don’t have any professional product design experiences and am struggling to fill out my resume. What types of things should I include?

Start by thinking about your other professional experiences. Let’s say that you previously worked in marketing at a non-tech company. You can use that experience to demonstrate leadership, communication, and project management, which are crucial skills for product designers. For your marketing experience, you should emphasize tasks and duties that relate to product design, such as A/B testing, graphic design, copywriting, and other related skills. Revise the bullet points on your resume so that they match the tasks and duties that are listed on a specific product design job posting.

You can also consider changing the name of your previous positions, especially if you were working at a startup or organization where you wore many different hats. Just make sure that your title was not officially given to you by an organization’s HR department. As opposed to describing yourself as a “Marketer,” you might say that you were a “Marketing Designer” or a “Marketing and Design Associate.”